10 Best Patterns and Trends in Gold Jewellery in 2012

Gold has forever been a favourite in jewellery among men and women alike. From chains to rings, the versatility of gold makes it one of the best metals to design jewellery, not to mention the price. Being a rare metal, gold can command prices that many are willing to pay without a second thought. Add to it the glow and charisma of the golden metal and there you have it, the perfect accessory for a perfect evening.

Craftsmanship and designers are the points of emphasis when it comes to the most fashionable trends in gold jewellery. Consumers are increasingly seeking out pieces that are unique and customized. Intricate designs are becoming a favourite among gold lovers as they are foregoing heavy gold jewellery for nice, contemporary and light designs. Here are the latest trends in the patterns of gold jewellery for 2012.

  1. Handcrafted

Handcrafted gold jewellery has and always will remain one top of gold trends. Delicate carvings on the gold jewellery can only be achieved to its full extent when every piece is made by hand. Across the globe, the demand for hand crafted gold work has only gone up.


  1. Weaving with electroforming

Electroforming techniques have advanced to produce some of the most delicate designs that could once only be achieved by hand. The new advanced techniques allow for some of the most detailed work on the gold jewellery which has caught the attention of many buyers. Definitely a trend for the year, gold jewellery made with weaving technique is a smart buy.

  1. Chic, contemporary designs

The idea here is to wear gold without looking strapped in it. Inherently, gold is a heavier metal but the look this season is completely in the opposite direction. The pieces of jewellery are supposed to be delicate, with intricate designs which in any way should not look heavy. Diamond cut techniques on the delicate gold pieces make it sparkle like the small precious stones. From chin high carat gold chains to tiny charms, you can choose whatever your heart wishes for.

  1. Innovative Designs

Traditional gold designs are fast being replaced by innovative designs such as a gold bead for a pendant on a silver and gold chain. The more feminine a piece of jewellery looks, the better it is. You can wear the gold chain to work if you like and in the party later on in the night. The designs are innovative, one of a kind and an extension of your persona. So you have adjustable chains and bracelets in lovely designs.


  1. Match No More

Instead of sets, the latest in gold trends moves closer to one piece jewellery items. Whether they are just earrings or a necklace, the idea is to abandon matching sets. Either you wear a pair of earrings or the necklace with your evening gown but not both. This will hold especially true if you have a rather heavy gold set. Simply wear the gold earrings, they are more in vogue than a heavy necklace unless it looks like a choker. Heavier pieces are best worn with a strappy number or an off-shoulder evening gown.

  1. Classic and Antique Gold Pieces

Among the new trends in gold jewellery, the old finds its rightful place again. These are not what you bought five years ago, but really classic and antique pieces that belonged to your grandmother. Or to somebody else’s grandmother for the matter. If you know a clever designer who can reproduce such a design, it might just work.


  1. Gemstones

If you love gold with gemstones, be sure to go for the big ones this year. The gold trends in 2012 are in favour of big and bright colours. Therefore, the larger the gemstones or crystals in your gold jewellery, the more fashionable they are. You can match the gemstones with the colour of your gown or dress. However, do not go overboard with the sizes, you might ruin the look completely.


  1. Warm Tones

Depending on the carat and compounds mixed with the gold, there is a distinct colour to the jewellery. Some gold jewellery can be shiny, while others might be a bit dull or even have a matte finish. While all tones of gold are in vogue, it is the warmer tones that are fetching more compliments this season. While you can reserve the shiny gold ornaments for the evening, the more subtle shaded jewellery items can be worn during the day time.


  1. Big is in

The trend for 2012 is big, bright and bold. While gemstones are ideal for more formal occasions, you can check out some of the purely metallic designs to suit your floral dresses. You can for example, match a nice big piece of dull gold pendant with a wire chain to go with your bright floral dress. The trick here is to not accessorize too much and keep the focus on a single piece for the perfect look.

  1. Shapes

Hearts, pebbles, drops, stars, flowers and sea shells are the top shapes in gold jewellery this year. The shapes are bold, intricate and with plenty of coils to support each design. If you don’t own any of the shapes, it is time that you do. Beautiful, bold and intricate, shape has never made a style statement as it does today.

One of the biggest advantages of gold is that it never really goes out of fashion. You can wear gold during the day or night, for a casual dinner with friends or for a formal party. It goes well with almost all colours and highlights the brighter shades in a more subtle manner.

The subtle sheen of the gold jewellery that you wear can add to the glow on your face. The versatile metal offers you a wide choice of jewellery as it can be made into necklaces, brooches, earrings, rings, bangles, bracelets, amulets, tiaras, hairpins and so much more. All you need to do is choose the right piece of gold jewellery to complete the look.