Jennifer Lopez suffers a nip slip as she performs at the Unipol Arena in Bologna, Italy

10 Biggest Wardrobe Malfunctions of 2012: When Hollywood Goes Oops!

What is Hollywood with a string of fashion hits? There have to be some misses too so that our eyes get a break from looking at splendid fashion trends time and again. And we’re very well fed with a fair share of misses including the fashion disasters and wardrobe malfunctions that we get to witness with each passing year.

When we talk of wardrobe malfunction, we mean a show of skin by our dearest celebrities exposing their nipples, boobies and booties. Some celebrities raised the bar this year by exposing a lot more.

So ladies, it’s time to grab your corsets to make sure that they are firmly in place. And while you’re at it, do make sure that your bikini bottoms are secure too, because you wouldn’t want another wardrobe malfunction (from your side) as you read ahead to witness the Wardrobe Malfunctions of 2012.

1. Micaela Schaefer

We hadn’t even heard of Micaela Schaefer before we got to know of her wardrobe malfunction. Looks like Micaela went all out to make herself known to the public by wearing a dress, or shall we say black tinsel wrapped around her.

Wardrobe Malfunction

The German model turned up dressed like this to the Men in Black III premier which was held in Berlin. There’s no doubt about the fact that the model certainly stole the show by revealing not only her boobies, but also her booty.

2. Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez sizzled in a crystal studded sheer cat suit while she performed in Italy and the singer’s wardrobe left very little to the imagination. During the performance, Jennifer gave all her fans a chance to dismiss the very little they imagined with an accidental nipple slip.

JLO Wardrobe Malfunction

 Unfortunately for Jennifer this wasn’t the only embarrassing moment she faced that night. When the singer turned away from the crowd, the only thing that the audience was gawking at was her Spanx shape wear which was on full display.

Guess wardrobe malfunctions cannot be done away with when a performance has so much of live dance action into it.

 3. Kris Kardashian

 It seems like Kris Kardashian is indeed Wonder Woman who secretly possesses the power of an invisible bra. The infamous mother of the Kardashian sisters should have really thought twice before posting her Halloween costume on Twitter with her nipples on display.

Wardrobe Malfunction

4. Khloe Kardashian

No wonder they say, like mother, like daughter. Khloe Kardashian had a nipple show moment like her mother did, while hosting the X Factor. Khloe probably was in a hurry and forgot to wear a bra or maybe her mother transferred her invisible bra powers to her too.

 Wardrobe Malfunctions of 2012

5. Emma Watson

Emma Watson, whose wardrobe has malfunctioned in the past with the revelation of her side boob, does it once again with a show of her pasty at the premier of The Perks of Being a Wallflower. Emma needs to thank her stars for wearing a pasty, without which, we would have been given a thorough nipple exposure, considering that her dress was all set for the moment.

Wardrobe Malfunction

6. Diane Kruger

While you may have to try and look hard at this one, Diane Kruger flashed her nipple to us in this sheer dress at the Cannes Film Festival. Although the “naked” eye may find it a bit of trouble figuring out the malfunction, with a little effort, nothing is impossible 😉

7. Elizabeth Banks

Wardrobe Malfunction

For lack of a better word, we’d have to call this one a “modest” malfunction in comparison to the intensity we have noticed today. Elizabeth Banks seems to have had a zipper issue with her dress at the Cannes Film festival. Probably the dress was on too tight causing the zipper to burst open and reveal a tiny portion of her back. However, Elizabeth isn’t really complaining. With the pose she strikes for the paparazzi, we doubt she was even aware of it until she saw this picture.

8. Adrienne Bailon

Although one might wonder what Adrienne Bailon was thinking when she decided to wear something like this, we don’t blame the top she wore, it does look pretty fashionable. What makes us gawk is that Adrienne probably forgot to wear some trousers to go along with it, thus revealing her secret place to us in this picture.

9. Kelly Rowland

Poor Kelly Rowland! Her suspenders proved useless in holding her bra in place. With a lot of action into her performance, Kelly Roland’s bra slid upwards, giving on lookers quite a flash.

10. Lady Gaga

It goes without saying that Lady Gaga had to be on this list. This is one celebrity that’s probably on every list of Wardrobe Malfunctions in 2012 that is. However, we wonder how much difference that makes to Lady Gaga.

 Here we see Lady Gaga revealing her boobies in a see through purple dress. But this is one picture where it is not the malfunction that catches our attention, but the height of her platforms that make us gasp.

Each time a celebrity’s wardrobe malfunctions, controversies start surfacing as to whether it was done for publicity purposes or whether it was just an unfortunate accident for the celebrity in question. Now, we aren’t really concerned about controversies. All we care about is providing you with the scoop on the celebrities whose wardrobes malfunctioned, like we just did.