10 Effortless Ways To Style The Printed Pants This Fall

The word “print” must really be on everyone’s lips this fall, as the colorful and bright trend successfully took over the entire fashion hemisphere. The famous subject has been analyzed time and time again, but it seems that everytime we get to finally think that all of its aspects are thoroughly covered, new and fun ways of wearing it emerge in an unstoppable parade. The print mania is far from being over. So, after an article dedicated to some useful tips on how to successfully clash the prints this season, it’s time to move along to the next point of interest: the printed trousers. Yes, they are absolutely everywhere this fall, from the streets, to the glossy magazines, from the stores and onto the runways. We get why everyone fell in love with the trend, and if you already thought about replacing your solid-colored pants with a fresh pair of playful and bold ones for fall, we are here to help you further. All you have to do is decide on your favorite pair of printed pants, not an easy job by the way, because we bring along the most interesting and fun ways to style them. Ready for some inspiration?


The fun thing about prints is that they don’t require for you to¬† follow on some rules in order to style them properly. The whole point of the experience is to have fun with it and get as creative as possible. Get the best out of your fashion sense, and take advantage of the effective tips and tricks we love to share here. They will stick with you, making your styling decisions come the most natural way.

Styling Idea No.01: Printed Pants And Fur. All the lively and colorful prints can end up looking kind of summery, so making the printed pants belong in an autumnal scenery is just a matter of styling. Team a pair of printed trousers featuring the most beautiful fall hues, with an embellished sweater, and a classic black fur coat for that ultimate luxurious feel.

Styling Idea No.02: It’s A Printed Ensemble. There’s not an easier way of making the printed pants look like they actually belong in an outfit, than by pairing them with a matching coat during fall and winter. An oversized blazer would work just as well. Pick a shirt in a contrasting print or color and wear it underneath to make the absolute best out of this seasonal trend.


Styling Idea No.03: Go Cozy With Knits. It feels absolutely great to witness the easiness that makes the prints look so amazingly beautiful when paired with pretty much everything else. For a carefree and comfortable outfit, mix a pair of printed trousers featuring a relaxed sillouethe with a cozy knit in a complementary shade. Think leopard print and the many shades of grey for example.

Styling Idea No.04: Have A Blast With Prints. Whoever believes that bright floral prints and bold contrasting colors work just for spring and summer, should really reconsider this old concept. If you care to make a statement this fall and get noticed, pick bold shades of yellow, pink, red or purple, and mix them with a pair of floral printed trousers. The effect will be mesmerizing.


Styling Idea No.05: Head-To-Toe-Print. And we absolutely mean it. If you happen to feel super confident about your style and think you can successfully pull off a head-to-toe print outfit, don’t let anyone stop you. Channel your inner Gwen Stefani and rock an all leopard look starting from your heels and going all the way up. It’s not all about the pants. Accessorize with plenty of attitude, as you’ll need it to make it work.

Styling Idea No.06: Black & White Print. Prints can be extremely overwhelming sometimes, so instead of fighting the stressful feeling, opt for something safer and easier to style. Black and white is always the best combo when in doubt, as it looks clean, classy and polished. Mix a black and white pair of printed trousers with a comfortable sweater, and an extra long coat during the super cold days of fall and winter. You’ll be both warm, and stylish.


Styling Idea No.07: Prints And Patterns. As the temperatures drop, the knitted sweater becomes a key element in our wardrobes all throughout fall and winter. For an eclectic look with bold accents, mix the print on your pants, with a complementary pattern on your sweater. Don’t hold back and accessorize the look with a printed scarf and a colorful brooch.

Styling Idea No. 08: Print Glamor. If you’re just not the gown and skirts type of girl, say goodbye to your elegant pair of black pants and transition your printed trousers into eveningwear with the right elements. Choose a sparkling, elegant and feminine top, and a fancy pair of black heels to balance the casual feel of your look.


Styling Idea No. 09: Prints and Leather. Emphasize your devil-may-care attitude with an edgy approach towards the printed pants trend. Play upon the tough chick theme, and style your favorite pair of printed pants accordingly, by teaming them with a structured leather jacket, leather boots and minimal embellishments.

Styling Idea No. 10: The Prints Go Preppy. This is your opportunity to flaunt two major fall trends with the help of a single, but well though outfit. Style your printed trousers with a denim shirt, a sporty sweater and a classy satchel for that preppy look we all adore. Throw in a pair of geeky glasses, and accent your appearance with a half-up half-down hairstyle.