10 Fashion Faux Pas that will make Everyone Scream at You in 2013

We all love fashion and are keeping ourselves up to date with the trends and the times. Experimenting and trying out new contrasts, colors and creations are all part and parcels of making a statement on and off the ramp. Carrying a well thought out creation with attitude and character is the true making of a fashion idol, a role model for others to follow.

Some fashions create a sensation by being adopted unanimously while some are better off forgotten. But being stylish and trendy is definitely not a piece of cake. One wrong step into the limelight and you could be the butt of jokes, anger someone aesthetically and moreover suffer an embarrassment which would tarnish not only your image but also your self–confidence. Such fashion faux pas are a total ‘NO’ and are best left untouched.

With many disasters having occurred such as use of animal fur, uni-colored outfit and other weird dress codes which people try to pass off for fashion, we have had enough. It’s high time we chucked outrageous, audacious and downright absurd and brought back the vogue. Here is a list of fashion disasters to definitely not try at home or anywhere else.

10 Fashion faux pas that will make everyone scream at you in 2013

1. Animal Fur

This one is absolutely not cool. Animal fur has only one place – on animals and not in the fashion industry. Agreed that they do add a nice dimension to your statement but that can be easily gotten by using faux fur which is equally empowering. Use of this fur not only incurs the wrath of animal right activists such as PETA, but is also frowned upon by the fashion industry. Looking to make an impression, you’ll make a pretty bad one if you use animal fur and that is to say the least.

Fashion Faux Pas

2. Smaller Sizes and Preschool Tights

Unless you really really have to get something and all you clothes have caught fire leaving you with only those smaller sizes or yesteryear outfits, then it is better to streak than be caught wearing those. Not only are they unfashionable but anti–social as well. On a serious note you can’t squeeze yourself into a slim fit and get away with it.

 Fashion Faux Pas

 3. Extra Loose, Extra Baggy and Extra Sloppy

Loose and baggy clothing can be paired with the right combinations to give a desired image but extra loose and extra wannabe clothing is a big No No. This unstylish clothing (which is mostly used in antique ghost movies) drapes over your figure and has no form. If you don’t want to be passed off for a gypsy (even they would frown at you) then you better ‘AVOID’ the extra sloppy clothes.


4. The Uncomfortable, Unmanageable Stuff that Makes You Fall Flat on Your Face

Unless you want to be called a klutz for the rest of your life or just get a high by being humbled to the ground, the uncomfortable stuff such as those too-many-inches-heels must ‘GO’. Not only uncomfortable, but impractical as well, these heels will make you the center of attraction but for some reason you may not like it. Remember comfort is supreme and fashionable too.


5. Colored Contacts

Blue, green, grey all these eye colors are very distinct and do add to the first impression, but if they are not natural they shouldn’t be on your eyes. Although wearing spectacles or shades enhance your image, there might be certain situations where you might want to go for contacts, but colored contacts are just wannabe-ish and surely you do ‘NOT’ want to try them out. Why? Because it is just not you.

6. Confusing Inner & Outerwear

Got super powers you are welcome to try out your underwear on top. If you are a normal fun loving human like the rest of us ‘PLEASE’ put them inside and spare us the horror. Horribly out of place and you won’t be winning over any parents and kids but ya the teenagers might give in to your sense of humor and cosplay skills.


7. Mixing Almost Anything

Well to its credit, the mixing does work sometimes, ‘ONLY’ in salads. There are certain ways to mix and match what you wear, but a military jacket on a skirt is sweet if given by a soldier to keep you warm otherwise best to draw a line between mixing the awkward and the Stylish.

Fashion Faux Pas

8. Dancing with the Stars

We will supposedly see heavenly lights when our time on earth is up, but till it keeps on ticking, we harbor no intent to ‘SEE’ it. Super sparkling or shiny costumes are best kept under wraps or on the stage.


 9. Matching all the Way to the Bottom

We lost this style way back in the past, and how thankful we are. So please do not bring it back up again. Not only do they become one–dimensional these styles make you feel a part of a fast food joint, vying for customer and promotions. If you ever do see such a fashion faux pas, please do repeat to the offender ‘CONTRAST’.


10. Not Wearing Yourself

Fashion is all about you and your style, so go out there and boldly show everyone your confidence, attitude and your best attributes. No fashion is complete without the ‘SOUL’, hence always be sure to bring yourself out in your very own style. Indulging yourself with the trendiest and most chic material is only part of a style and can only be completed by putting an essence of yourself into your clothing. Fashion with an attitude – ‘TRULY TOP CLASS’.

Disclaimer: Do not try the above mentioned fashions faux pas at home or anywhere else. If you see someone else doing such a thing then SCREAM.