90s Fashion - Boot Cut Jeans

10 Glorious Fashion Trends for Women from 1990s: Reel Back in Time

The 1990s comprise some of the glorious years in fashion. The trends that took birth and rose in this decade will always hold an honored place in the history of fashion and will be etched in our living memory forever.

The casual chic look as we know it today took shape in the 1990s and has come a long way since then. The 1990s have been sweeping years in fashion where most of the old trends were done away with and the new ones, which we still carry with us today, originated.

We’ve got to admit that the 90s saw a mix of the good, the bad and the ugly. And while we can do away with the bad and the ugly as quickly as they disappeared from the fashion scene, we have got to make a worthy mention of the good, in fact, the best fashion trends of the 1990s.

So let’s take a look at some of the best women’s fashion trends that were the highlights of the 1990s. With the retro look kicking in again today, you could use a few tips and trends from fashion of 1990s to look stylishly retro.

1. Overall Shorts

The most popular denim trend of the 90s, besides jeans of course, was the overall shorts. The hues of standard blue denim, the tough and rugged look of the overall shorts reminds us of the countryside. We’d probably still remember T.V. shows from the 1990s where overall shorts were a huge craze among teenage actresses and we have seen them sport this trend more than any other fashion that was existent in the 90s.


Overall shorts are still very popular today, however, they have undergone variations through the years. The standard blue denim is now replaced by darker and lighter shades of blue along with grey and black and the outfit is more body hugging than it used to be.


2. The Jumper

The skirt version of the overall shorts, jumpers were quite popular in the 1990s. The jumper was to the 1990s what colorful jeans are to us today; the perfect choice for street wear. Jumpers don’t seem as tough as overalls do and they have a feminine charm. They are also noted for the comfort they provide to the wearer. Also, jumpers were available in materials besides denim. Floral jumpers were quite popular in 1990s.

3. The Velvet Mini Dress

 The Velvet trend rose like a fad in the 1990s. The look and feel of the material mesmerized everybody to such an extent that everyone had at least one piece of apparel in this material. The velvet mini dress was the most famous one among the lot. We saw actresses wear these to the prom in movies and T.V. shows in the 90s and they also took home the Prom Queen title dressed in these very velvet mini dresses.

4. Floral Maxi

The floral maxi was the trendiest outfit for women in 1990s. They wore it as part of their semi formal attire. It was the most modest, chicest and the most elegant choice back then in women’s dresses. The floral maxi was mostly seen in shades of red, with a sleeve length that almost reached your elbow and the dress length that almost reached your ankles.

The floral maxi as we know it today is sexier with noodle straps, plunging necklines and skin tight midsections.

5. Plaids


Plaids can be easily remembered as the schoolgirl fashion of the 1990s. Plaid dresses were one of the hottest trends in the 90s. They were done in short sleeves and long sleeves, however, the sleeveless ones were the most popular. Plaid dresses were usually short and plaid skirts were in fashion too.

Plaids today have almost died out, but we still see this trend being incorporated in trench coats and especially school and cheerleader uniforms for girls.

6. Skorts

Skorts are a cross between shirts and cross. This trend was such a fad in the 1990s because of its versatility and comfort and we’re sure that each one of you who have lived in the 90s has had at least one pair of skorts.

7. Sunflower Prints

There is something about women and floral prints that we can never get enough of them. Times may pass, seasons may change, trends may come and go, but we can never let go of our favourite floral prints. Well, we do look so pretty in them after all.

In 2012, we see a variety of floral prints in fashion and the 90s saw a craze for sunflower prints. Sunflower print dresses, sunflower print skirts and even blouses were in huge demand in the decade of 90s. If you had to pick the most iconic flower of 1990s it had to be the sunflower for its popularity in fashion.

8. Printed Flared Shorts

Shorts were certainly not only meant for men in the 1990s, but women had to have something that they could customize to call their own. Hence, the printed flared shorts took shape in the 90s.

These shorts aren’t cut like the hot shorts we see today and neither do they expose assets not meant to be shown. They’re high waist, cover half the thigh, have enough room for movement and are the most modest pair of shorts we’ve ever seen.

9. Denim Top Dresses

Denim bodice dresses with a patterned skirt was tribute to the denim and floral craze prevalent in the 90s. The combination of both made it seem like the women paired short denim blouses with floral printed skirts. The dress was a high waist pattern with a buttoned up collared bodice and a flared skirt. We could bring this trend alive in 2012 with a little inversion by wearing floral dresses with denim jackets.


10. Boot Cut Jeans

Boot cut jeans came into fashion in the 1960s; however, they disappeared for a few years and resurfaced in the 90s. Boot cut jeans are simply fabulous for a cowboy look. Pairing them up with plaid patterned shirts was a popular trend in the 90s. This trend has practically died out today, but it could still make a comeback as it has done before.

The most glorious trends of the 1990s are still existent in 2012. However, they are not as prominent and have not retained the exact same characteristics as before. We all thrive on change and variations are always beneficial to changing times and fashions, for it is fashion after all that helps us bring the 90s into 2012.