Top 10 Lingerie Trends for Spring 2013: Heat Things Up Ladies

Love is a beautiful feeling, no doubt. And love is an intense emotion. But love does not reach its full potential with mere emotional satiation. Love also requires ‘physical action’ to keep the relationship going.  Don’t you agree?

One of the best ways to bring back the spark in your relationship is to invest in some lingerie. Even if your relationship has not (yet) lost its spark, lingerie can definitely spice things up. Lingerie adds to the fun and romance in the bedroom and in the process adds to the love in your hearts and actually brings you closer to your partner.

lingerie-trends Lingerie Trends for Spring 2013

And just like you have outfit trends, footwear trends and trends for accessories, lingerie trends are showcased twice a year. Major lingerie brands have revealed their spring summer trends and these trends can be described in a single word – ‘hot’ or if you want to use two words ‘smoking hot’.

The fact is the most popular lingerie trends showcased on the runways will eventually make it to retail from where you make your purchase. And when you are a well informed fashionable diva in all other respects, why miss out on lingerie trends? Perhaps your friends won’t know you are wearing last season’s fashion in lingerie, but you will. And would you like that? I am sure not.

So ladies get hot and fashionable with lingerie.

Top 10 Lingerie Trends for Spring 2013

1.   Pretty Pastels Lingerie Trend 2013

Usually lingerie is bright and bold, with the aim of exciting and arousing passions. A new trend- that of pastel shade lingerie has been unveiled in 2013. It is actually quite a nice look, creating a romantic relaxed atmosphere. There are pale blues, yellows, lilacs and any other shade that you can think of. If you are ‘bored’ of traditional blacks and reds in lingerie, you definitely should try these.

Some of the pastel lingerie outfits are embellished with delicate laces and embroidery that further enhance the ‘pretty’ look.


2. White Color Lingerie Look for 2013

Going a shade several paces ahead of pastel, white lingerie is emerging as a major trend in 2013. This trend was observed at the Shanghai Mode Lingerie event, where more than 50 lingerie and swimwear brands showcased their collections. The all white look is complemented with lace and also includes a short satin one-piece outfit, which I did not particularly take to. But the rest of the collection receives a thumbs up.


3. Complete Lace Ensembles in Lingerie 2013

Some of the lingerie designs showcased for 2013 include intimate wear that is a 100% lace creation. While in other lingerie trends, we observed lace as an element of the lingerie design, here the lace is the lingerie. How would you feel wearing only lace? Sexy, that is for sure.


4. Lingerie with Bold Piping

An interesting design element seen in some of the lingerie 2013 collections was the incorporation of bold piping that really made the outfit stand out. Designers experimented with both homologous and contrasting borders and effect in each case was just as good. The sheer material of the lingerie with embroidery further accentuated the look.


5. Bold Mix-n-Match Color Trends for Lingerie 2013

Bright shades were seen in the lingerie collections presented for Spring 2013. Additionally, the bright colors were combined with contrasting shades to create dramatic mix and match patterns that produced an edgy look. The models on the ramp finished off the look with bold purple and orange stockings and dark pink footwear. And you can do it too and set the mood just right.


6. Dainty Design Lingerie 2013

You can also look forward to some cute and dainty designs on lingerie for 2013. Whether the classic polka dots or contemporary pastel patterns, the designs lighten the look of your lingerie and create a slimming effect. And some of us need all such help that we can get, don’t we? A light purple shade with floral motif turns out to be my personal favorite in this collection. Which one is yours?


7. Fitness Theme Lingerie for 2013

Yes, you read that right. Gatta, the well known lingerie brand has focused on fitness as the theme for its spring 2013 lingerie collection. A trendy design, the outfit is modest (not revealing) but creates an extremely sexy look by emphasizing your curves. You had better be hitting the gym regularly if you want to pull this one off.


8. Bold Design Lingerie Trends 2013

Barcelona based lingerie biggie Andres Sarda launched their spring summer 2013 lingerie collection with emphasis on bold design elements. The designs are actually quite overwhelming, but somehow do not create a disruptive effect. This trend is a little unconventional and will be probably adopted by only those who are ‘unconservative’. Do you think you might go for this?


9. Sexy Black Lingerie Trends 2013

Some things just never go out of fashion and sexy black lingerie is one of those things. Black lingerie is a timeless trend, almost like the little black dress every woman must have in her wardrobe. For their 2013 spring collection, Victoria’s Secret paired black lingerie with knee high boots and long gloves (both in black) to enhance the look. The gold detailing around the neck looked good on the ramp, but perhaps can be done away with in the privacy of your boudoir. On the whole, a rocking look.


10. The Outerwear Lingerie

Intimate innerwear, that is lingerie, was juxtaposed with stylish outer wear in an extremely creative manner by designers like Jason Wu and Marc Jacobs. Shiny silk fabric was used. The look was no doubt unique and highly stylish. But will it arouse passions? A tad unlikely, but then you never do know, do you?


These are some of the hottest lingerie trends for spring 2013. Which one of these looks is your favorite? And which one would you like to experiment with? With Valentine’s Day round the corner, this is the perfect time for lingerie shopping and knowing these trends, you can indulge in some fashionable lingerie shopping.