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10 Most Sexy Hairstyles for the New Year’s Party – Celebrity Inspired

Peppy, chic, sometimes flamboyant, a little bouncy, deep textures, tresses, fringe and maybe even a bit of color. No prizes for guessing what we are giving so much attention to, hair. These so called dead cells toss when sculpted and cared for, bring a lively glow to your face and that much – needed finishing to your persona.

There’s always a time to change your look and try out something new which will surely dazzle your friends and colleagues. Be it highlights or a stylish perm, a new hairstyle is a much needed breath of fresh (h)air and also shows your touch with fashion and the current trends. And who best to know about hair and its fashionable appeal, than our very own stylish celebs. Always in the midst of attention and constantly flaunting scintillating new hairdos these Red Carpet regulars are at the epitome of fashion if not beyond.

Right from Lady Gaga and her audacious hairdos, Jennifer Aniston’s ‘to-die-for’ silky strands to Rihanna and her widely popular hairstyles topping the “in Vogue” charts, Celebs do know their hair and they are definitely an inspiration for giving ourselves a fresh, sexy new look. So let us have a look at the most sexy hairstyles which are sure to make you the gossip of this New Year’s party.

Top 10 Hairstyles to Rock this New Year’s Party

 1. The Emma Watson – Elfin Styled Pixie Crop

The rage at the hairstylist, pixie crops are one of the most subtle, yet simply sensational styles of the lot. Allowing for more light on the face, this sexy hairdo provides an appeal and fashion status quo equal to those long tresses sans all the mingle, mangle and jangle. Practical, pixyish, and pure, Emma Watson opted for the cute look inspired by Mia Farrow, and look what it has magically levitated her up into the fashion limelight. The sexy pixie crop with a little elf like curly & curvy texture, will simply leave onlookers charmed.

Celebrity Hairstyle Trends

2. Side Shaven Rihannaesque style

Maybe not conventional but definitely every inch show stopper sexy. This superbly thought out style perfectly blends girl styled curly fringes, side shaves and straight roots to give an absolutely breathtaking semblance. The side shave does have room for variation where a fully shaven look can be replaced with a hair short enough to sync with the overall hairstyle. High on being a girl, confident in life? Then this is the perfect hairstyle to kick-start an exciting New Year.

Celebrity Hairstyle Trends

3. Agyness Deyn’s fringed short crop

Like we said short was in, and with a powerful proponent such as Agyness Deyn, sporting this sexy hairstyle it is going to stay ‘in’. While keeping the less–troublesome short pixyish crop, Agyness indulges with wild fringes culminating an absolutely self dependent, I-Am-who-I-Am, look. This style empowers the persona with a more noticeable and strong presence and can be styled on the right occasion for a feminine touch.

Agyness Deyn fringed pixieCelebrity Hairstyle Trends

4. Royally Yours, the Kate Middleton Effect

Girls we tried our very best not to be swooped in with the crowd, but with an impeccable fashion sense and a royal hairdo, we couldn’t help but happily be a part of the Kate Middleton effect. Lustrous, bouncy, glam and everything royal this sexy hairstyle is worth every ounce of the hype the Duchess of Cambridge has stirred in fashion houses. Serene, immaculate and fashionably royal, must try.

Celebrity Hairstyle Trends

 5. Go Braid Fish – Kim Kardashian

This one’s definitely got many men lost in thought. Simply alluring, simply subtle and simply sultry, this style definitely increases the steam with intertwined braids giving the shape of a fish. Gives a youthful glow and charm on the face while maintaining calmness, serene image giving way to that timeless allure. With the Kim Kardashian inspired fish braid, all the guys will definitely have mermaids swimming in their dreams.

Kim Kardashian Fish braid

6. Taylor Swift Fringes & Bangs

Look who’s turned to the fringe frames. Taylor Swift along with her piercing gaze totally definitely, must have caused accidents with this super seductive and super sexy look. These bangs which just touch the eye lashes are the easiest way to get an absolutely stunning makeover. Soft & feminine yet razor like subtle all with a bang, a look to kill competition this New Year’s eve.

Taylor Swift

7 The elegant Bun – Cheryl Cole Style

Elegant, sophisticated, beautiful and that extra glow on the face, what’s not to love about Cheryl Cole’s voluminous Bun. A bun has always been the traditional ceremony hairstyle and the way it makes you look, we know why it continues to be so. Always a top trend the bun is a glam style for any party, especially New Year’s.

Celebrity Hairstyle Trends

8. Side Swept Layers – Kate Beckinsale

Another popular prom dance and first love hairstyles, the side sweep of textured layers will never lose its appeal. Simple, sophisticated, sensual and one of the most sexy hairstyles for this New Year’s Party.

Kate Beckinsale

9. The Colorful Bob – Latest Katy Perry

What’s a list be without Katy Perry? For every chart Breaking single she has ever sung, The Fireworks star has got more hairstyles in the fashionable hairstyle hall of fame (which is a lot). Experimenting with colorful hues, classical and sometimes way – beyond – our – times’ style, this star’s hairstyles always possess a distinct and sensational look. Katy Perry with the evergreen bob dressed with a colored hue, truly top fashion.

Celebrity Hairstyle Trends


10. Jennifer Aniston and Honey Straights

Who hasn’t been envious of Jennifer Aniston and her honeyed super straight hair? With a super soft and silky texture, you can’t get enough of this sexy hairstyle and neither can the opposite sex. The super straights provide a vibrant and sleek look which is low maintenance and super trendy. Jennifer Aniston inspired super straights – Total love.

Jennifer Aniston

Hair is one of the most important parts of any get – up. Arranging and getting it right may be a bit of a hassle but with some effort and the right super sexy hairstyle you are all ready to start this New Year’s Party in style.