Milan Fashion Week 2013

10 Most Thrilling Trends for Spring 2013 at the Milan Fashion Week

The Milan Fashion Week is something fashionistas all over the world look forward to and even those who may pretend to have an aversion to fashion, do not mind stealing a glance at all that goes down at the prestigious Milan Fashion Week.

As for us, we were all geared up by firstly marking the dates on our calendars and not missing a single day of this fabulous fashion week, just so we could bring the best of it to you. And so today, we have put up a compilation for you on some of the pieces and trends showcased in the Milan Fashion Week for Spring 2013.

Milan Fashion Week 2013

With spring 2013, just a few weeks away, the awesome display of clothes at the Milan Fashion week will surely be an inspiration for you to go shop for some lovely goodies to flaunt this spring.

So get your shopping shoes out of the closet and place them close to your feet, because you are indeed going to want to run and go splurge once you are done reading. So….. Ready, Get Set, READ!

Our compilation includes a variety of pieces from the Milan Fashion Week Spring 2013 collection, so we have left it up to you to decide what will work and what won’t this spring. So you’re the judge, all the best!

1. 3D Geometric Prints

Fashion house Marni substantially reduced the prints to plain ratio at the Milan Fashion Week with 3D geometric prints aligned along the length of blouses and skirts. Another fashion rule that was broken by Marni was the pairing up of only matching or contrasting colors. Geometric prints were seen even on dresses and trench coats, paired up with geometric print blouses and skirts.

Milan Fashion Week 2013

2. Rubik’s Cube Purse

Fendi took creativity to another level, and a rather great one, with these amazing Rubik’s cube purse. Although it makes us wonder what could possibly fit into something so tiny, we really do like the smart idea.

Milan Fashion Week 2013

3. Oversize Earrings

It is not only the Milan Fashion Week, but also other major runways yelling out that oversize accessories are in for 2013. Dolce and Gabbana went all out to prove this fact and show us how good oversize earrings actually look and also how they go with any kind of outfit.

Milan Fashion Week 2013

4. Ankle Strap Shoes

One thing that will surely leave you blown away is the trend of ankle strap shoes for spring 2013. It sure does seem like every designer and fashion house coordinated with each other and came to the conclusion that every model that walks the ramp will strut in ankle strap shoes and voila, it manifested! So make sure you go get yourself a lovely pair of ankle strap shoes for the season.

 Milan Fashion Week 2013

5. Heavy Neckpieces

When it came to accessorizing at the Milan Fashion Week for Spring 2013, heavy, oversize and flashy seemed to be the overall theme that was followed by many designers. Every model who flaunted gold, silver and heavy metal neckpieces truly rocked the ramp in style.

The trend of spiked neckpieces and accessories that kicked off towards the end of 2012 was also a notable feature at the Milan Fashion Week.

Milan Fashion Week 2013

6. Cartoon Colors

Well, you might wonder as to why this trend is named “Cartoon Colors” but if you take one good look at the picture below, you’ll know what we are talking. Where else would you find such loud and flashy color combinations? And these loud color combinations are brought to the surface in 2013 by Christopher Kane at the Milan Fashion week

This trend now spells freedom for those who love to play with color. You will no longer be afraid to tone down the color in your wardrobe because cartoon colors are now in style. So go ahead and be the cartoon that you are. It does look pretty youthful, doesn’t it?

Milan Fashion Week 2013

7. Pastel Perfection

While on the one hand, loud colors are seen dominating the ramp, there is an equal space for pastel shades like yellow, green and pink as seen in this collection by Bluemarine. So what is your style going to be this spring 2013, loud or pastel? We’d surely like to know.

Milan Fashion Week 2013

8. Fancy Florals

When you envision spring and floral prints together, what usually pops into your mind is large floral prints running all over your outfit. But the Milan Fashion Week adds a spark of uniqueness to the floral trend for Spring 2013, with only a dash of floral prints added to dominating backgrounds of white or black. Florals prints are also paired with mono colored outfits, like, floral skirts with plain colored blouses or floral blouses with plain colored skirts.

So the trick is in not going entirely floral in Spring 2013, but doing so in bits, just like these models below.

Milan Fashion Week 2013

9. Animal Prints

A funky touch was added to animal prints for Spring 2013. Tiger prints stood out boldly in green, pink and purple while others saw tiger prints combined with floral prints in the same outfit. So you can now unleash your wild side in a funky and colorful way all thanks to this new and fabulous trend for Spring 2013.

Milan Fashion Week 2013

10. Shimmering Evening Wear

Most of the trends displayed here were more or less meant for casual day wear and breaking that series comes this sensational trend of shimmering evening wear. Don’t you think that sparkling evening gowns and dresses do make a lot of sense in the months of spring? If you may ask why, then it’s simply because while the sun shines all day in spring, you can shine all night.

Milan Fashion Week 2013

So here goes the list of the 10 most thrilling trends that we witnessed at the Milan Fashion Week for Spring 2013. And now we hand it over to you. It is your turn to judge. Which one will be a hit in 2013 and which one will miss it? Don’t forget to tell us what you think of these trends for Spring 2013.