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12 Celebrities Inspiring You with their Halloween Costumes: Girls, Get Ready!

With less than a week left for Halloween, some of you may possibly be all set to make a grand appearance after making arrangements for your costume for weeks now. However, there also may be many of you still scratching your heads with the dilemma of what to wear.

Are you one of those who’re still looking out for ideas on what to wear this Halloween? Stop wondering, start reading. Check out the list of Halloween costumes donned by celebrities that we have specially compiled for you. So whether you wish to look wicked, spooky or simply seductive, you can squeeze out the best ideas for Halloween costumes used by celebrity from the ones showcased below:

1) Heidi Klum

Heidi Klum goes all out to hide a pretty face beneath layers of black as she dresses up as a black raven. This costume is a sure shot way to avoid people from recognizing you and it’s also a good way to go if you wish to cover a sudden acne outbreak.

 2) Paris Hilton

If you have always wished to live life like Snow White or the Sleeping Beauty or Cinderella, you can make your fantasy come true for a day by donning the look of a princess. Socialite Paris Hilton works the Cinderella look with a flashy tiara and baby blue dress.

 3) Tamala Jones

If you detest the fairytale girly princess look, you can opt to unleash your inner goddess by sporting the Egyptian princess look donned by Tamala Jones. Colours such as black and gold teamed up with striking jewels and thick lined eyes will help you pull off this look.

 4) Pink

Singer Pink makes a loud and spooky fashion statement as a clown. She goes all the way with the red wig, elaborate and detailed make-up and a dress that looks like the water balloon machine just blew up.

5) Ann Curry

Anchorwoman Ann Curry decides to step up a royal notch and imitate Kate Middleton’s wedding look. While you certainly will charm and not scare anyone with this look, it will be your turn to play Duchess for the day.

6) Lisa Rinna

Lisa Rinna uses Halloween as an opportunity to emulate TV personality Lucy Ricardo. Halloween costume parties can be a wonderful excuse to imitate your favourite or the most hideously dressed television or film character.

 7) Kym Johnson

Kym Johnson dances her way through Halloween with a Tinkerbell costume. With a little inspiration, you too can celebrate Halloween donning the look of a Disney princess. Make sure you complete the look with a wand and some fairy dust.

 8) Kelly Choi

Kelly Choi brings out the vampire in her with the “bloody” bride ensemble. Since vampires never go out of style, a pair of false canines and blood over your body and clothes will fire up your vampire look and is a sure way to scare the living daylight out of some.

9) Kim Kardashian

Curvy Kim Kardashian sasses up her look as Little Bo Peep. Kim does a good job of pulling out Bo from the nursery rhyme book and onto the table with a corset top and a red skirt that spells flirty.

 10) Ashanti

Ashanti brings out the bad girl with this leopard print Halloween costume, fishnet stocking and black boots. If seductively sassy is your way to go this Halloween, letting the leopard out into the wild will work well for you.

 11) Brooke Burke

Though you might find a Catwoman at every costume party across town, this is one look that never goes out of style. If you have a figure you’d want to flaunt like Brooke Burke, the skin tight cat suit should be your definite choice.

 12) Nicky Hilton

If you are still finding it a pretty hard task to make a choice, just dress up a la Nicky Hilton by throwing on your little black dress and everything else black to go with it. The sunglasses, pearls, elbow length gloves and peep toes define the complete Audrey Hepburn look.

 So now just pick up a pen and paper and start listing down all that you will need to make a spooky splash this Halloween.