Wedding Dress Trends 2013

Walk Down The Aisle Like A Princess With These Top 15 Wedding Dress Trends

Marrying the man you’ve always dreamed of walking down the aisle with makes a wedding day the most special day in any girl’s life. And even though she gets all she’s ever wanted, she wouldn’t be happy if her dress wasn’t the “best thing ever”.

So if you are looking for a little inspiration to find that perfect dress in which you want to say “I Do!”, we’ve got loads of surprises in store for you.

While you were ushering in the wedding season for 2013, we were busy scavenging every store, every website, every mall and every runway for the best wedding dresses in 2013 and we’ve compiled a comprehensive collection of ideas for your big day.

Wedding Dress Trends 2013

So pop that bottle of champagne, fill your platter with cubes of cheese as you get ready to sit before your screen and witness these adorable experiments in white.

1. Hi-Low Hemlines

Hi-low hemlines have been creating waves in the fashion world for a while now. Why miss a perfectly good opportunity to incorporate this stunning modern fashion trend into your wedding dress?

Wedding Dress Trends 2013

Show off your sexy legs from the front and keep your bridal trail flowing while you walk down the aisle in a hi-low hemline wedding dress.

2. Sheer Necklines

Play flirty and modest at the same time with a sheer neckline for your wedding gown. You can keep the neckline layer completely sheer or you can choose to add decorative embellishments to it. Sheer necklines eliminate the need for fancy necklaces.

Wedding Dress Trends 2013

So if you want a wedding dress that accentuates your neckline without the need for a heavy necklace, sheer necklines will do the trick.

3. Keyhole Backs

Got a sexy back you love to flaunt? But, going backless isn’t an option for you…..

Opt for a keyhole back to your wedding dress. Who knew that not going backless could be sexy too?

Wedding Dress Trends 2013

While keyhole backs will surely help you look like a seductive goddess on your wedding day, the lace detailing surrounding the keyhole makes you look like a sophisticated seductive goddess.

 4. Bejeweled Details

Bling is in, in all its glory and dazzling splendor. The wedding season for 2013 is getting shinier than ever with encrusted silhouettes, embedded sleeves, ornate necklines and beaded bodices.

Wedding Dress Trends 2013

You can rest assured that every eye present for your wedding day will be transfixed on your shining glory. Some might even try to count how many jeweled pieces are present on your wedding dress (some bride’s-to-be might want to top that) while some will simply be baffled wondering whether the jewels are artificial or real.

But nothing will take away from the real jewel on your wedding day and that’s you.

5. Lacy Long Sleeves

Kate Middleton made us fall in love with lacy long sleeved wedding dresses. She showed us how sexy modesty can be and this is one trend that’s not going off the charts for a very long time.

Wedding Dress Trends 2013

So let bare arms be bygones and cover up royally because lacy long sleeved wedding dresses do not have the Old-World feel to them anymore. And it’s a completely modern and fresh take this time.

6. One Shoulder Wedding Dresses

Keeping your feminine charm alive in your wedding dress is a cake walk. But exhibiting that charm gracefully requires a dress that makes you want to feel beautiful.

Wedding Dress Trends 2013

Let your sexy shoulder say hello to the world as you cover the other one up in a one shoulder wedding dress.

 7. Peplum Wedding Dresses

Peplums have mellowed down from their 2012 rounder counterparts. Peplums are now more compact, nevertheless, still figure flattering.

Wedding Dress Trends 2013

If you want to show off the pounds you’ve recently lost or draw attention to your sexy and svelte waistline, peplums wedding dresses are for you. Also, bringing a curvy appeal to a boyish figure is done best in a peplum wedding dress.

8. Sparkling Wedding Dresses

Sometimes that crown on your head and that dazzling rock on your finger just aren’t shiny enough. Want to add oodles of gleaming appeal to your look? Opt for a sparkling wedding gown.

Wedding Dress Trends 2013

We’ve seen sparkling wedding gowns pouring like rain on the ramp this wedding season and as irony would have it, it’s easier to name the number of designers who didn’t have a sparkling wedding gown among their collection than those who did.

9. Little White Dress

Unconventional brides need not sweat over the lack of edgy wedding dresses. 2013 brings to you a variety of choices to go unconventional on your wedding day.

Wedding Dress Trends 2013

Surprise your folks who’ll be betting on “how long her trail will be,” with a little white dress for your big day.                                

10. Bold Backs

For most part of your wedding ceremony, you’ll have your back turned on your guests who have come to celebrate your big day. Why not give them a breathtaking view with a bold back for your wedding dress?

Wedding Dress Trends 2013

Sheer floral detailing, ornate lace, jeweled buttons, sparkling sheer lace, keyhole backs, low backs, coquettish bow backs are many of the ways in which your guests won’t regret having to look only at your back.

11. Floral Embellished Wedding Dresses

Wedding Dress Trends 2013

Bring your garden themed wedding or your summer/spring wedding to life with a floral embellished wedding gown. When the flowers in your bouquet are too little to make you happy, you know just the right gown to opt for.

12. Pastel Wedding Dresses

Wedding Dress Trends 2013

If white isn’t your cup of tea, you need not force yourself to walk down the aisle in a white wedding dress. You can still keep your angelic charm alive with pastel wedding dresses in blue, pink, yellow, green or whatever color you like. It’s your wedding day; you get to call the shots.

13. Simple Affairs

Blooming ball gowns and sparkling sheets do make most brides very happy. But if a simple wedding affair is what you are looking for with a flower in your hair, instead of a crown then a simple wedding gown is what you need.

Wedding Dress Trends 2013

Who says you can’t look stunning in a simple wedding dress when you ditch the long trails and heavy embellishments?

14. Sheer Overlays                     

Wedding Dress Trends 2013

Sheer panels are oh so very flirty. For a peek-a-boo touch to your wedding dress, sheer overlays are what you need. And this time, it’s not just about keeping the neckline sheer, so you can imagine how sexy and seductive you will look in a sheer paneled wedding dress.

15. Strapless Wedding Dresses

Wedding Dress Trends 2013

Strapless wedding dresses are an eternal favorite of many brides and this trend never fails to go out of style. If you have always dreamed of walking down the aisle in a strapless wedding dress, then go ahead and make that dream come true because every designer has a lot in store for you.

We’re guessing that glass of champagne might have been refilled a million times before getting here. What is that we hear? The bottle is empty? That’s alright. It’s your wedding day and selecting your wedding dress calls for a celebration.

We hope you’ve found what you were looking for because your husband-to-be is going to feel like the luckiest man alive as he catches the first glimpse of you while you take those steps down the aisle that will change your life forever.