Checkered Suits

1960s Men’s Fashion Trends Revealed 10 Bold Styles – Freedom Replaces Old-Fashioned

Men’s clothing wasn’t really termed as fashion before 1960s; however, it was this decade wherein clothing for men underwent a complete transformation and a sort of renaissance to give men’s fashion trends an instated definition. 1960s Men’s Fashion Trends marked the replacement of ill fitted and outdated trends. They were replaced with bold and fashionable styles that took men by awe, who then became more conscious about fashion.

1960s Men's Fashion Trends

The decade of 1960s has soaring fame on account of the Hippie Movement that originated among the American youth and spread to the rest of the world. The Hippie Movement was characterized by bold colors and loud prints for men as well as women. While women were not new to the bright colors, it was men who found the transition from sober colors to eye blinding ones more exciting.

As you read ahead, you will notice that we have presented to you the highlights of the 1960s Men’s Fashion Trends and you will notice how boldness replaced traditionalism and how loud colors took over sober ones. Witness this change for yourself, in this exclusive line-up of top 10 men’s fashion trends from the 60s.

1. Thin Ties

Thin ties? Oh yes, thin ties – the ever so popular trend for men’s ties in 2011, 2012 and 2013. Thin ties were a product of the 60s, so if you do have many of these today and you absolutely love the way they look, you owe it to the 60s.

1960s Men's Fashion Trends

The thin tie trend was as popular in 1960s as it is today, the only difference is that it was a novelty back then and even though many of us consider it a novelty now, it isn’t. The trend of the thin ties which made a vanishing act after the 60s has resurfaced in this present decade. The school boyish charm and youthfulness of thin ties drive men crazy, after all, who wouldn’t want to look young, modern and funky?

2. Checkered Suits- 1960s Men’s Fashion Trends

The 60s did away with plain colored black, grey, beige, blue and brown suits and the trends of checkered suits entered. Checkered suits came into the forefront following checkered shirts and bell bottom pants.

1960s men's fashion trends

Checkered suit trends of the 60s could easily be categorized into two groups. One category comprised all the sober colored suits with dark horizontal and vertical lines on them while the other category consisted of plain checks mostly in blacks and whites. Checkered colored suits were paired with bright colored ties.

3. Slick Back Hair (Front Fringe)

A common noticeable feature of 1960s men’s fashion trends is men with slicked back hair. Men had begun growing their hair and most of them let the front portion grow so that they could gel / oil it and set it resting backwards. Even today David Beckham as dawned a similar style.


Slicked back hair was popularized by actors in the movies from the 60s who possessed the appealing charm that women fell for. No wonder this look got so popular.

4. Polo Necks / Turtle Necks- 1960s Men’s Fashion Trends

Turtle Necks became an everyday feature among men of 1960s after they made their first appearance in the early half of the decade. Turtle necks became so popular that men began to pair these up with everything. You would find men wearing polo necks with bell bottom trousers, jeans, under blazers, sweaters and vests. To give an impetus to this trend, fashion houses started manufacturing these in every color possible and also in a variety of fabrics. Woolen turtle necks went down really well for the winters.

Polo necks were very flattering on tall and skinny men. However, everybody had at least one polo neck back in 1960s.

5. Tasseled Leather Jackets

Leather jackets were already popular in 1960s especially among bikers. Many people tried to emulate the biker look with leather pants and jackets. It was much later in the 60s that the tasseled leather jacket became a craze among people.

1960s men's fashion trends

Tassels hung like frills from the arms of the leather jacket as well as from the chest line. Some of these were tasseled along their length while some had shorter tassels attached to them.

6. Buffalo Plaid Shirts

Buffalo Plaid Shirts were a favorite among lumberjacks prior to the 60s. However, in 1960s, buffalo plaids became a generalized and much loved style. This trend became popular with people from all walks of life, hippies loved them, dads found nothing better, little boys felt bright in it and the youngsters loved its uniqueness.

The silhouette of a buffalo plaid shirt is formal. However, the flannel material and funky print and colors made the buffalo plaid shirt a casual trend.

7. White Hats

1960s men's fashion trends

White hats were introduced by the Latino people when they paired these white hats with white suits. The Latinos wore white suits, a black shirt and a white hat with a black rim around it as formal attire. The white suit became popular, but, the white hat with the black rim grabbed more attention than the suit did. Men began incorporating the white hat trend with casuals and well as formals.

8. Hippie T-shirts

The moment we say “hippie” the first thing that probably popped into your head was bright rainbow colors and vivid and wild prints as these were the basis of Hippie Fashion Trends in the 60s. The Hippie Movement began in the 60s and it altered fashion trends in a manifold way. Men who wore dull and boring colors were all of a sudden fashion conscious and sported floral prints, vivid colors and bright eye blinding tones.

1960s men's fashion trends

The Hippie Movement brought colors which only women had worn before the 60s into men’s fashion trends. And the men back then dared to experiment with these ‘never tried before’ styles. Hippie T-shirts were the most popular and they also gave way to bright colored pants, belts, headbands as well as jewelry.

For the first time in the history of jewelry, designers had started creating jewelry, like neck chains for men. These were less feminine and more rugged in nature and were surprisingly well received in the 60s.

9. Nehru Collar/ Mandarin Collar

The Indian Prime Minister inspired this fashion trend globally; hence, the trend was nicknamed the “Nehru Collar” trend and we would recognize it by the name, the “Mandarin Collar” trend. This trend had a full buttoned jacket, with tiny buttons and a mandarin collar attached to it. This look was created by combining an Indian and Chinese look.

After Nehru, who appeared globally in news headlines, the next in line to carry this trend were the famous Beatles, who popularized it even further.

10. Glossy Anoraks

This was another look that was popularized by the Beatles. Anoraks were a winter trend in the 60s and even before the 60s, but it was the glossy anoraks that became a fashion in the late 1960s.

Men were already open to bright colors and floral prints in 1960s by the time glossy anoraks were introduced. Hence, accepting this trend too was not a difficult task. However, this was one of the trends that died even before the 60s passed.

From the 1960s Men’s Fashion Trends listed above, you may have noticed that men in 1960s weren’t limited by society’s restraints or their own inhibitions. The 60s is one decade in which you can watch the eagle easily take flight as the fun and freedom of 1960s emerged in the fashion trends presented to you above.