woman with purple eyeshadow and nails polish

2012-2013 Winter Make Up Trends For Women

Ladies, to create that drop dead gorgeous look, get ready to take some extra care and collect some additional tips this winter season. The options available are myriad in nature. And professional trend setters have upped the hype and begun forecasting the trends. So, to be relevant, stay in tune with the times.

A good look at new and the evergreen trends will help you make appropriate choices, to suit your own style and facial contours. As a result, you can create your very own stylish makeup looks and chart out your own plan for the forthcoming season.

Many Facets of Make Up

Undoubtedly, make up includes, besides facial make up, skin care, grooming of your Nails and Lashes and a choice of hairstyle trends that you may wish to flaunt. Other accessories, like clothes, jewellery, shoes etc for the moment, we will set aside, as we need to get you in the mood.

Let us follow the eye make up & lip make up route and set the tone and pace, with a top down approach, once the preliminaries, to make up are out of the way.

So let the glow, should I say show begin.


woman with thick eyebrows

Thick and dark, rather than the slim and slick look is the trend this season. Dark colored forehead pad adds to the effect. Naturally, wide eyebrows are most definitely in fashion.

Smokey Eyes

smokey eyes

Smokey Eyes add mysticism and drama to your nocturnal forays. To obtain the desired effect, mastering the technique is essential. Black and brown shades are best suited to enhance this effect.

Panda Eyes

The Panda Eyes look for the outdoors assumes the loveable panda like innocence.

Fruit Eye Shadow

orange eyeshadow trend

Orange eye shadows are in fashion too and they may well suit your mood and style on that special date.

The Nude Look

Get the nude look with cosmetics that are natural and have little or no color. An invisible yet expressive effect is what you get.

Reserved Make Up

A minimal amount of mascara brown or bronze shadows in the internal corner of eye with a peach blush will do the trick.

Eye Make Up in Bright Colors

Bright and vibrant colors are great in the evenings and are quick eye catchers.

Lipsticks to Suit Your Mood and Show Your Passion

Red Hot Lipsticks

red lipstick on lips

Red Hot Lipsticks continue to be hot favorites. Cash in on their immediate and positive attention grabbing qualities.

Plum Lipsticks

If you prefer subtle colors and do not want to stand out too obviously, plum is a great shade. Good for Office or formal wear too.

Peach Lipstick Trend

Flaunt your pouting lips in the attractive, stylish and appealing peach lipstick and inspire passion and envy.

Vampire-style Lipstick

Shiny colors are perfect to create a vampire like impression. Let the fangs out!

Purple and Blue Lipstick

woman with purple eyeshadow and nails polish

Purple and turquoise blue lipstick shades are perfect for those beautiful outings and special parties. Go for the femme fatale look.

Now, go ahead and make yourself; feel glamorous and complete. You surely deserve it! Go ahead and ooze both charisma and confidence simultaneously.

Why not aspire to achieve the Star like personality of the professionally made-up look? Practice your own expertise and passion and satisfy your mood and personality and win your own justified rewards.