Shark attack Halloween costume

2012 Halloween Costume Ideas for College Guys

Dressing up for Halloween is always fun and amusing; however coming up with a variety of the best ideas for the costumes for the D-Day, finalizing best costume along with all the other accessories can be quite distressing. And we empathize with you. As a result, we have put together a list of outstanding Halloween costume ideas for all you college guys out there.

Olympics Halloween Costumes

The London 2012 Olympics was a remarkable display and commemoration of sporting excellence by athletes from all parts of the world. So a lot of fashionistas and celebrities are opting for Olympic Halloween costumes this year to relive the finest moments of London Olympics this Halloween, by wearing brilliant Olympics styled costumes.

Olympic Swimmers

You and I were witness to the spectacular performances by the American swimmers, especially Phelps and Lochte at the London 2012 Olympics. This Halloween get set to flaunt your persona in Phelps’ numerous medals or Lochte’s ultimate sneakers.

And to give the perfect tribute to the extraordinary London 2012, guys do not forget to get yourself the Official London 2012 Replica Olympic Torch.


A Renowned Athlete

In Halloween 2012, you have a huge list of celebrated and successful athletes to dress up like. Whether you want to flaunt David Beckham’s costume and attire or opt for Usain Bolt’s costume, boys the choice is yours. If you plan to go the Bolt way, do not forget to add the oh so adorable Usain Bolt mask.

A Steampunk Character

We cannot deny the fact that steampunk is soaring in popularity. So why not make hay while sun shines? Guys, you can select any character from any film, book or other steampunk art form to make Halloween a cool and exciting event in 2012. This holiday is the perfect time to make and show off a hat with moving gears.

If you’re looking for wacky, wild and hilarious Halloween costumes, you have a wide variety.

From the shark attack Halloween costume shown here, to riding a horse costumes, from food costumes to blow up mammal costumes, and so much more, there is a plethora of funny costumes for boys that you can select from.

Shark Attack Halloween Costume

Experience the thrill of being in the sea, surrounded the shark and being almost eaten by a shark. Check out the amusing shark attack costume for boys. This costume has been the talk of the town this Halloween. This is a practical jumper shark costume along with an opening in its mouth (read ‘jaws’) to ensure your face sticks out and you can breathe easily. Let your left hand protrude from the shark’s jaws as your right hand keeps the shark’s head straight. In case you want to use your right hand, you can do so, as there is an opening to keep your right hand out of this shark costume.

Halloween is one of exceptional holidays that you don’t want to spend inside the walls of your house or garden but rock the boulevards dressed up in your favorite costume. Whether you plan to trick-or-treat, grace a costume party with your presence, light bonfires, plan a trip to eerie, scary spots, be the best prankster among your gang, narrate chilling and frightening tale, or see horror movies with your buddies, do not forget to choose your favorite Halloween Costumes that we listed above.