2012 Hollywood Gift Ideas

2012 Holiday Gift Ideas: The Accessories Edition

An outfit, no matter how spectacular, would never feel totally complete without some equally fabulous accessories meant to emphasize its qualities. That’s exactly why women are mad about shoes, bags, jewelry and anything really, able to insert some magic into the even most casual of outfits. A pair of skinny jeans and a white shirt picked in a hurry from the closet, are instantly turned into a laid-back but stylish outfit, with the help of a statement necklace or a high-end oversized bag.

The power of a great accessory is quite limitless, and that’s why as part of our Holiday Gift Ideas series, we want to inspire you to really think about what you gift away this very Christmas. If you care to make a girl,or a woman, regardless of their age, extra happy during the Holidays, make sure to really put some thought into what you select from the stores. Here is what we think would make for some unforgettable presents. The kind women love most.

masterpiece de resistance necklace is one of our 2012 holiday gift ideas


01. The Masterpiece de Resistance Necklace. You can count on the fact that a bold and elegant statement necklace won’t go out of style anytime soon. That’s why this kind of timeless accessories make for the best gifts ever. They are unique enough to show that you care, interesting enough to capture all interest and trendy enough to be worn all year round. Easy to pair to a sophisticated outfit for a fancy nigh out, or to a casual one just to make the look more put together, this accessory is a beautiful classic piece that will delight for sure.

moby dick clutch is one of our 2012 holiday gift ideas

02. The Moby Dick Book Clutch. A book is indeed an accessory that perfectly complements any respectable fashionista. But no matter how much we love books, there are times when we must leave them behind. That’s when a book inspired clutch makes sense and becomes an utterly indispensable accessory, or gift for that matter. Loved by celebrities and fashion enthusiasts alike, the book clutch looks chic, smart and unique. Sounds just like the perfect gift, right?

bow detail leather gloves is one of our 2012 holiday gift ideas

03. The Bow Leather Gloves. The ideal winter accessory mixes the ability to look stylish, with the ability to keep extra warm, and if it happens to be cozy as well, all the better. A classic pair of leather gloves featuring a few fancy twists, would make for a remarkable gift this season. Of course, there is plenty to choose from in this particular matter, but we’re thinking something utterly feminine, modern and totally not boring. Like a pair of gloves featuring the color of  the seasons, which is oxblood, a polka dot print insert and a cute little bow as a top accent.

ted baker bow and pearl bracelet is one of our 2012 holiday gift ideas

04. The Ted Baker Pearls and Bow Bracelet. Speaking of utterly feminine accessories, there is something about pearls and sparkling bows that looks plain irresistible for women. If you plan on gifting an accessory that can be used right away, than this sparkly sensation would make for the go-to piece when styling the Christmas, the New Years Eve outfit, or maybe even both. This edgy but classy jewelry number it’s playful enough, without loosing from its sophisticated appeal.

traditional knitted snood is one of our 2012 holiday gift ideas

05. The Traditional Knitted Snood. Sometimes, it’s the traditional winter gifts that make most sense out of everything else. Like a comfy knitted snood, easy to be thrown over a coat or a leather jacket, able to complement any outfit without overwhelming it. Usually, these kind of accessories go hand in hand with the snow and the precious memories, so they make for ideal Christmas gifts that are both practical, and trendy. Just like any girl should be once the temperatures start to drop.