2012’s Top 10 Patterns of Men’s Blazers to Drool Over

On the one hand, a blazer best lends itself for any semi formal occasion. On the other a Trendy formal and casual look is best achieved by wearing a blazer – multi versatility is the hallmark of a blazer. Blazers lend elegance and stylish appeal.

Blazers and Sports Coats

A blazer is definitely not just a suit type jacket. Moreover, a blazer and a sports coat are close cousins. The difference is more to do with fabrication and styling. While sports coats are traditionally made with houndstooth, with three buttons & flop pockets, blazers are generally made of a sturdier fabric than that used for a suit, yet smoother than that used for a sports jacket. You can don blazers with contrasting grey pants or denims for that chic look.

Here is a broad overview of blazers, just for you.

1.     Black Blazer

A formal Black Blazer gives you a distinctive and catchy appearance. Not to forget the stylish and comfortable feeling that comes naturally with a black blazer.

You may prefer to go for a genuine cotton black blazer. A front closure with two buttons and long sleeves is perfect for formal parties as well as business meetings. A handkerchief pocket and leather lapels go with your blazer and add a definite touch of class.

2.     Single breasted Blazer

The single breasted blazer with metallic buttons and patch pockets complete an elegant look. A badge sewn on the chest pocket gives you the naval uniform look. Did you know the Royal Navy was its historical birthplace?

3.     Double breasted Blazer

The double breasted blazers are most suitable for all those formal events.

 4.     Blazers without Shoulder Pads

You can also go for blazers without shoulder pads. These jackets follow the natural contours of your shoulder, hugging the body for a well tailored appearance.

5.     Masters Golf Tournament Blazers

The Masters Golf Tournament Blazers are the famous Green Blazers given to winners of Major Golf titles as a symbol of stature combined with success.

While the blazers mentioned above are the most well known these days patterned blazers are soon becoming trend setters.  It may seem a little tough to pull off patterned blazers at first but as always over time you will adjust to it easily. For all you first timers out there it would be best to stick with basic patterns. After a while you may experiment with different patterns and colours as per your preferences.

Here is a choice of the popular patterns in Men’s Blazers for you. At the end of it you will surely want to try out these contemporary blazers.

1.     Spring Black Blazer

The spring black blazer with a detachable hood, two chest and side pockets makes you stand out in the crowd.

2.     The Pinstripe Blazer

The pinstripe blazer is one of the easiest patterns to wear. You can create a fantastic look with a shirt matching the invisible stripes of your blazer. Once you are confident of your look with the pinstripe moving on to different patterns is easier.

3.     Dotted Pattern Designer Blazers

 The Dotted pattern designer blazers are light in weight and support a subtle dotted pattern. High quality fabric and skilled sewing makes for a quality product. Grace and elegance are represented by a shapely design and trendy fashion style.

4.     Corduroy Blazers

Cotton corduroy with silk lining is an ideal outdoor sporty outfit. A cotton rich corduroy blazer gives you a warm and comfortable feeling and is ideal in cool climates.

5.     Skinny Fit Suit Blazer

Just as the name suggests the Skinny fit suit blazer fits perfectly to your body. This blazer will give you a sharp and crisp silhouette. Worn along with chino pants, this blazer is bound to make you the center of attraction at any party.

6.     Linen Fitted Blazer

A linen fitted blazer gives you a crisp look with a sleek silhouette. Get ready to experience a feeling of ultimate comfort.

7.     Stripes Blazer

The stripes blazer is made from rich fabric and is classically customized in varied shapes and designs. You can choose stripes suitable to your liking.

8.     Twill Blazers

The Twill blazers are best with front and interior slit pockets. The casual weight of these blazers prevents floppiness. They can be toned for a custom fit. You also have the option of selecting the colours of your choice. They can give you a special appearance.

9.     Sweat Fleece Jacket Blazers

The Sweat Fleece Jacket blazers offer you a soft comfortable feeling. Paired with well fitted trousers or denims the sweat fleet jacket blazer gives you a semi formal look.

10.  Tuxedo Wool Blazer

The Tuxedo wool blazer has a reputation of solidity. You may choose from the high quality suits to the more fashionable ones. Whatever your preference the tuxedo wool blazer is bound to enhance your look and personality.

Going for patterned blazers is a much sought after option with people today. However be sure to match the remaining part of your ensemble with care. Be sure to see that no three pieces of your ensemble contain a pattern. With blazers that are chequered choose solid colour shirts that will make you look pleasing.

Another much desired option is the sport blazer. A definite accessory in your wardrobe for all those times you wish to play it plain casual. They are a must for those sport fanatics out there.

So go and get the patterned men’s blazers as soon as you can. Wide varieties and styles are sure to get you excited and give you value for money. These blazers today are sure to give you that extra edge and much deserved attention.