2012’s Top 5 Halloween Costumes for 5 Year Old Boys

Children love dressing up. And if it’s fancy, colourful and a favourite movie / television character that they adore, then you’ve given them a really wonderful Halloween present.

What better occasion to show off those wonderful costumes and watch the gleam in your little boy’s eyes and the joy on his face, when he goes trick-o-treating in the neighbourhood.

Every five year old boy wants to dress up like his favourite character and not look like anyone else in the vicinity. So to help you and your son choose the perfect outfit, here’s a list of some of the popular costumes for 5 year old boys out there.

The Cartoon Book Inspired Costume:

Heroes scaling walls, to save people or children in distress or super heroes flying from one skyscraper to the other, trying to save the world from the hands of the bad guy, are things that your five year old child dreams off.

If Batman can save the day, then your five year old thinks he can be someone like the comic book hero. Your kid wants to impress people he knows or meets. Get your hands on some of the many cartoon book inspired Halloween costumes and watch your ‘little wonder’ try and save the neighbourhood.

Spiderman wearing his mask and squirting a web to hold on to an innocent victim, is an image fixed in little boys’ minds, a character they would want to be like and imitate this Halloween.

Pair the perfect Spiderman bodysuit with the right accessories and mister perfect will be showing everyone how it’s done.

The Angry Bird Comes to Town:

The games are a rage worldwide and so are the characters. With the angry bird’s popularity increasing by the day, this costume is perfect for your son who is looking to wear a cute bird inspired outfit.

Movie Characters Make for Great Imitations:

A book in hand, a black cape and a magic wand is the perfect Harry Potter costume. With the movie-series becoming such a big hit and Harry Potter becoming a worldwide phenomenon, every five year old boy would love to take inspiration from the main character of the movie. Your little boy can keep swishing the magic wand around and showing his ‘charm’ to everyone.

Captain Jack Sparrow, from the pirates of the Caribbean series is also another popular movie character children like to imitate. Get your son to wear this costume in Halloween 2012 celebrations, along with the hair braids and beads and the other accessories and he is sure to make people give him some of their ‘sweet treasure’ on Halloween.

Treasure hunt is a popular and exciting game for any five year old boy at a party. What better character to dress him to complement one of his favourite games other than the great Indiana Jones. Complete with the cow boy hat and boots; send your little man on a treasure chase looking every bit like the movie character for Halloween 2012 party.


Real Life Inspired Characters:

Your five year old is at an age where imitation is the best form of learning. Therefore real life heroes like the fire-man, the policeman or even the doctor could be someone your child might want to be this Halloween. Help him find the right costume of his choice along with the necessary fittings and let him feel like a real life hero in his attire.


The Return of the Vampire :

Keeping with the theme and ‘spirit’ of Halloween, some of the most popular and all time favourite costumes feature in this year’s top 5 list as well. The dracula and zombie costumes and the back from the dead costumes are some that never go out of trend. If your son wants to be a scary character, then this costume is perfect for him.

 So bring out the pumpkin lamps and all the decorations for this Halloween season. As the last day of October is fast approaching, go shopping with your son, and pick him an outfit, that will have a lasting impression on people and will be his best outfit yet.

Happy Halloween!