2013 Designer Bags For a Fabulous Winter

After a blissful summer, colored in bold neon hues and bright lively colors, came a warm and equally beautiful fall. And we indulged ourselves in rich burnt oranges, shades of burgundy, maroons and mustard that gently covered both our garments, and our stylish accessories. Now, with winter slowly taking over, it’s just as a perfect time as any to infuse some of the 2013 trends into our wardrobe, and why not start by simply making a wishlist and fill it with the most stunning 2013 designer bags currently available. After all, a great accessory, especially if we’re talking a bag, can easily bring a high note of luxury and make an outfit look totally polished and complete.

Our exclusive selection of fashionable bags is meant to inspire your future purchases for this cold season, in order to make your winter looks completely and utterly fabulous. Regardless if you’re longing for the real thing, or you’ll go for the far more affordable but similar looking products, the idea is to complete your bag collection with clean, edgy and modern infusions.

victoria beckhams leather 2013 designer bags

01. The Victoria leather tote by Victoria Beckham. Truthful to her polished and luxurious aesthetic, Victoria Beckham’s tote literally took the fashion world by storm. The electric blue leather sensation, mixed with the clean and flawless concept, made this bag an absolute must have during the cold season. For a powerful impact, allow for this tote to really stand out on its own in an outfit and pair it with clean, sleek ensembles, preferably in darker hues.

marc jacobs 2013 designer bags

02. The  Marc by Marc Jacobs Too Hot To Handle leather tote. Spacious, bright colored and totally luxurious, this leather tote is ideal for the woman on the go that still wants to look polished and sophisticated in her daily city adventures. Perfect for the warm layered winter looks, this tote would definitely complement an outfit without ever overwhelming it. Strong but utterly feminine this tote makes for one of the most alluring  and exciting 2013 designer bags.

phillip lim leather tote part of the 2013 designer bags

03. The Pashli shark-effect leather trapeze tote by 3.1 Phillip Lim. Beautifully finished by a shark-effect leather texture, this forest green sensation by 3.1 Phillip Lim takes the modern trapeze leather tote and gives it an entirely new and edgy design, suited for the most sophisticated and elaborate looks. Able to add a final touch to both a casual, and a more high-end look, this bag is versatile, strong and extremely effective. A total knock out for the cold days.

reed krakoff boxer leather 2013 designer bags

04. The Boxer leather tote by Reed Krakoff. Exquisitely colored in the most gorgeous earthy tones, this timeless tote would add a touch off high-fashion to even the simplest of outfits. Going great against neutral hues, bold colors and complementing warm tones, this bag could easily become your next go-to bag for the everyday activities. Easy to style, fabulous to wear.

michael kors studded 2013 designer bags

05. The Hamilton studded quilted leather tote by Michael Kors. The quilted leather makes for one of the most intriguing and edgy trends of the winter season and can already be spotted on the streets as the fashionistas can’t seem to get enough of the tough sensation. Michael Kors’ exquisite Hamilton studded quilted leather tote is a stunning approach on the stylish trend, looking cool and chic at the same time. Infused with gold elements and bold studs, this tote makes for a full winter statement. Toughen up your wardrobe essentials this season and shine effortlessly.