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2013 Fashion Trends for Men – Increase your Style Quotient in 2013

It is that time of the year when people are busy jotting down their New Year Resolutions. With 2013 just around the corner, it is the time to start afresh and begin anew. And if one of your resolutions for 2013 is to pay more attention to what your wear and to be more in sync with the latest fashion trends, you are at the right place. For, we are going to give you the low down on the 2013 fashion trends for men.

Perhaps you are being nagged by your partner/children for not being stylish enough, or maybe you are getting on to a new job/your first job and you want to create the right impression. Whatever the reason that prompted you to look at mens fashions trends 2013 seriously, it is a good thing because the right fashion choices definitely add to the overall persona and greatly enhance your confidence too.

Without further ado, let us get right into the heart of the matter. Gentlemen, sit up and pay attention for we are about to unveil the fashion trends for men.

2013 Fashion Trends for Men

1. Floral Men’s Fashion in 2013

It is the age of the equality of sexes. What men do women can do (perhaps even better) and what women wear, men can wear (and perhaps carry it off even better). Floral prints, a mainstay of women’s fashion, particularly the Spring Summer collections makes its way into fashion trends 2013 for men. Floral prints in men’s apparel were unveiled at the Paris Fashion Week. The look varies and you can go either completely floral or team a bright colored floral shirt with more conservative trousers. And for those of you not quite comfortable with florals, opt for just a hint on some part of your shirt such as the sleeves or the collar.

Are you worried about florals making you less masculine? Do not worry. Because it is well accepted that only truly secure men can carry off this style with panache. And surely you are one of them.

Floral 2013 Men's Fashion Trends

2. Extra Large Bermudas

Who says fashion is only for work or formal occasions? Certainly not the designers, who pour their heart and soul into creating the perfect designs for practically all occasions and non-occasions in life. You want to stay at home and chill out in front of the TV? Do it in style with the XL Bermudas, a big part of mens fashion in 2013. This trend is sure to rock all through the year. So stock up on your Bermudas now.

Bermudas 2013 Men's Fashion Trends

3. Camouflage Prints

The romance with prints is serious in men’s fashions trends in 2013 and camouflage prints are hot. Most men I know will be more than happy to sport this trend because somehow camouflage has very masculine/macho connotations. Perhaps due to the association with military uniforms? I don’t know, but there it is. If you are happy with this trend, good for you. Go ahead guys, and flaunt it.

camouflage print 2013 fashion trends for men


4. Oversize Suits in 2013 Fashion Trends for Men

If you like your suits well fitted and immaculately tailored like a certain Mr. Bond, we all know and love, you are not going to be very happy with this trend, I am afraid. Suit trends for mens fashion in 2013 veers towards oversize suits. How can ill fitting suits be a fashion trend, you are thinking. But they don’t look as bad as they sound. This trend actually lends a casual-professional look. Check out the look below.

 Oversize Suits 2013 Men's Fashion Trends

And if you still can’t make peace with it, just grit your teeth and bear. Fashion is not easy and you never know, the trend may become passé next year.

5. Shine On Boys ..for Style is in the Shine

One of the most interesting mens fashions trends 2013 is the incorporation of the metallic theme into the fabrics. This trend was observed particularly in the Milan Fashion week exhibited by big names such as Canali, Alexander Mcqueen, Burberry and others. Metallic fabric was represented in varying shades from brown to blue and even pinks. Shine on boys and raise the temperature several notches with this really hot trend.

 2013 Men's Fashion Trends


6. Leather Trends for Men’s Fashion in 2013

Leather is an important trend for men’s fashion 2013. Of course, given the nature of the material it is a trend right now when winter is upon us. And this trend will come again in the fall of 2013. While black leather has remained the mainstay of mens fashion collections for so far, in 2013, leather goes colorful for men. Available in darker tones of browns, blues greens and greys, this leather trend is sophisticated and classy.

colored leather 2013 fashion trends for men

7. Burst of Colors in 2013 Fashion Trends for Men

Are you disappointed by the toned down colors in the leather trends for 2013? Don’t be, because in other areas of fashion trends 2013 for men, there is a riot of colors as you have never seen before. Bright blues, yellows, reds and even pinks (horror, horror, gasp!) are part of men’s fashion 2013.

2013 Men's Fashion Trends

And don’t miss the colorful shoes and bag.

8. Sleeveless Jackets Trends for Men in 2013

Finally to round off the 2013 fashion trends for men is the sleeveless jacket trend that rocked the ramps in fashion shows across the world. It is almost a sleeveless version of the double breasted jacket. Quite easily the sexiest trend in 2013 men’s fashion that we have seen so far. You get a chance a chance to show off those powerful muscles and biceps of yours. Er.. they are powerful, aren’t  they? Or you had better hit the gym to pull this trend off.

2013-fashion-trends-for-man-sleeveless jackets

So boys, these clothes are what you should be wearing in 2013 to be stylish, sophisticated men about the world. The trends are many and you have various options to choose from. Choose wisely from amongst the 2013 fashion trends for men those that you are most comfortable with.

For fashion that is forced looks silly and fashion that is favored looks stylish.

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