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2013 Fashion Trends for Women: What Does the Fashion Future Foretell

1. Apparel Trends in 2013 for Women

Women’s fashion trends 2013 cover a wide range of apparel and include more feminine trends such as dresses, full skirts and gowns. The androgynous trends in the previous seasons appear to have a taken a beak for now at least.

Ladies, make the most of it. Bring out those dresses and skirts from storage and flaunt them. Take pride in your femininity and go all girly as you have always wanted to.

2013 Fashion Trends for Women

Of course the dress formats can vary from florals to oriental/geometric prints to lace detailing and chic perforated pieces. The options are endless.

floral 2013 fashion trends for women

So long as you are in something girly and feminine, you are on the right track as far as fashion trends 2013 for women are concerned.

2. Swimwear Trends for Women 2013

Seeing that in a few months we will get into summer, let us take a quick look at fashion trends 2013 for women for swimwear.

No surprises here. Mimicking the outer wear trends, swimwear trends are stylish and feminine and incorporate fringe, ruffles and flounces.

Swimwear 2013 Fashion Trends for Women

Other popular trends are exotic prints, color blocking and single piece swimsuits with revealing cuts and elegant lines that emphasize the contours.

Get ready to hit the gym girl.

 Swimwear 2013 Fashion Trends for Women

 3. Footwear Fashion Trends 2013 for Women

If you ignore footwear trends, all the hardwork in painstakingly putting together the rest of your ensemble will be in vain. So what are footwear trends for womens fashion in 2013?

In footwear throughout 2013, the focus will remain on bright colors and patterns in shoes. In fact geometric prints seen in the apparel trends for 2013, have been observed on footwear too. Metallic sheen on shoes is not gaudy, but fashionable for 2013.

footwear 2013 Fashion Trends for Women

While the above shoes are suitable for casual occasions, you can turn to strappy knee-high boots, laced up or buckled at the top to lend more weight at a formal event. The last word in style and sophistication. Check it out for yourself.

 2013 fashion trends for women strappy knee high boots



4. Accessories Trends for Women in 2013

A woman and her bag are seldom apart. Your bag is your mini-world and only you can locate what you want (or need) from within its mysterious spaces. Husbands/boyfriends/partners would rather run a mile or two in tight shoes than try and locate something (say a lipstick) from within your bag.

Well you can push up your style quotient with these stylish tote bag trends available in various colors, prints (yes, you read that right) and designs. Here are some samples.

 Designer handbags 2013 Fashion Trends for Women

5. Hairstyle Trends for Women in 2013

Your hair affects your overall look. In general the focus on runways for the upcoming year was on centre parting. Most common hairstyle observed was the ubiquitous pony tail. You can play around with this basic hairstyle in different ways- tie it low or high up. Or pull your hair back completely to create a slick look.

Bee hive like hairstyles with hair tousled up at the top of the head (towards the back) and accessorized with bow looks really pretty. Just like this.

2013 fashion trends for women hairstyles

Hair braids and wavy curls are also ‘in’ for 2013.

With respect to hair color, the trends in women’s fashion for 2013 are very vivid, bright and bold. From pink to blue to green anything goes and rainbow streaks and dip-dyed ends are fashionable in 2013.

6. Make-up Trends for 2013

To finish up your look completely, a touch of make up is critical. In 2013, make up trends are very obvious, in-your-face and surprisingly innovative.

Some trends that specifically stand out are Dior’s Swarovski studded eye make up trends.

2013 Fashion Trends for Women eye makeup

While dark toned lip colors have been part of women’s fashion trends for some time now, something innovative in the women’s fashion trends 2013 in lip colors is two-toned lip colors.

Difficult to master perhaps, but definitely worth the effort.

This brings us to the end of the future of fashion for women in 2013. The crystal ball has shown you the 2013 fashion trends for women. Did you like what you saw?

There are several options in every trend for you to choose from. And always fashion is only a guiding light. And fashion is not to be confused with style. Style is how you interpret fashion and make it unique to yourself.

So are you all set to be the stylish diva in 2013? Armed with these 2013 fashion trends for women, I think the answer is in the affirmative.

Rock on girl, the world is yours to conquer.

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