Neon Accessories Trends

How Neon Can You Get in 2013? Ten Must-Have Neon Accessories

It’s glittering, it’s glowing, it’s captivating and it’s mesmerizing.

It’s NEON!

When neons come calling, it’s difficult to say no. Well, that’s not only because neons are highly in vogue this year, but also because we find these funky colors so irresistible that we can’t get enough of them.

Have you tried this funky trend yet or have you been waiting for some guidance on how to use them to avoid going wrong with trendy neons like pink, yellow, green, orange and blue?

Neon Accessories Trends

You’re at the right place, at the right time because we’re going to show you how you can work neons into your wardrobe and also the wide variety of neon accessories you can experiment with.

So are you ready to roll with neons? Buckle up; this is going to be one colorful joyride.

1. Neon Nail Polishes

Neon Nail Polishes

Think “neon” and think of something you can never go wrong with. Yes, nail polishes! Nobody really judges you for your nail polish color, so why not start off with something as safe as a neon nail polish? It’s pouring neon nail polishes this summer across a wide variety of brands.

2. Neon Belts

Neon Belts

Bring some zing into your old boring outfits by belting up with a funky neon belt. There is no better way to bring life into your office formals than with a trendy neon belt. And don’t worry, your boss won’t complain.

3. Neon Wrist Watches

Neon Wrist Watches

The thought of getting back home from work on Fridays gives you a thrill, doesn’t it? Keep looking at the time fashionably with a neon wrist watch and make casual Fridays even more looked forward to.

4. Neon Scarves

Neon Scarves

When the chill starts to set in, cover up fashionably with a neon scarf. You can wear any outfit, interesting and boring and a neon scarf is sure to perk it up in style.

5. Neon Pink Lipsticks

Neon Pink Lipsticks

Emma Stone was one of the few Hollywood actresses to first experiment with this neon pink lipstick and it was a hit. Now if Emma can pull it, so can you!

6. Neon Shoes

Neon Shoes

Give people some more reasons to stare at your sexy legs in 2013 with neon shoes. Your feet will keep smiling too with these bright hues of new shoes.

7. Neon Earrings

Neon Earrings

Jewelry and neon make a killer combination. Doll up with earrings, neon style and keep your ears looking fresh, pretty and glowing all day long.

8. Neon Bangles

Neon Bangles

Adorn your hands with edgy neon accessories. Step out on the streets with funky looking neon bangles and let people stop to take notice.

9. Neon Handbags

Neon Handbags

They say a woman cannot live without a handbag. Give yourself another reason not to live without your handbag by buying yourself a trendy neon handbag in 2013 and fill every other woman with envy.

10. Neon Necklaces

Neon Necklaces

Whether your outfit has a high neckline or a low neckline, it’s time to draw more attention to it with a neon necklace. A fancy pink, blue, orange, yellow or green with a metallic finish is a recipe for ultra modern fashion.

Don’t you find the world of neons tempting? Can’t wait to step into it, can you? Well, neither can we! So let’s jump in and make the most of this trend because neons are here to stay.