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‘Face’ the World in Style: Choose Trendy 2013 Sunglasses for your Face Type

There are several things about your body that you can change. You can exercise and diet and lose the bulgy stomach. You can get a stylish haircut and change the way you look. And there are several surgical options to ‘enhance’ your body.

But one factor that is yours for keeps is your face type or shape. Your face shape is determined the day you are born and (fortunately or unfortunately) you are stuck with it for life. What you can’t change, you have to accept. And when looking for trendy sunglasses to accessorize your look, you must pay attention to choosing the right sunglass styles that will complement your face shape and truly bring out the diva in you.

Choosing the Right 2013 Sunglasses According to Your Face Shape

1.  Square Sunglasses 2013 for Round Shaped Faces

Do you have a round face? Round face is characterized by no angles and has equal length and width. Think Michelle Williams, Queen Latifah and Kirsten Dunst and you know what I am talking about.

The best sunglasses options for round faces are square or rectangular frames that add some angles to the face. Luckily for you, in 2013, square and rectangular sunglasses are very trendy with fashion biggies like Louis Vuitton vouching for perfectly square sunglasses.

sunglasses 2013

And the 2013 spring summer runways saw a variety of statement sunglasses in unconventional geometric shapes. You can opt for these sunglasses too as they will confer a sharper look to your completely round and smooth face.

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2. Best 2013 Sunglasses for Square Face

A pronounced jaw line and broad forehead indicate a square face. The beautiful Lea Michele has a square face, and so do Demi Moore and Salma Hayek.

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With your square face, the wide chin and prominent cheekbones confer a regal look, but one that is slightly severe too. You must choose sunglasses that downplay severity of your face and create softness. Round shape sunglasses are your best option.

2013 spring summer runways saw a variety of stylish round sunglasses from Holly Fulton, Matthew Williamson and Jil Sander.

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3. Most Suited 2013 Sunglasses Trends for Heart Shaped Faces

How do you know if your face is heart shaped? Well if you have a broad forehead with tapering jaw line and a pointed chin, it indicates heart shape. So essentially you are ‘top heavy’ in terms of face. Rihanna and Hayden Panettiere are textbook examples of heart shaped face.

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Amongst the trendy 2013 sunglasses, the best options that will complement your face types are ‘bottom heavy’ sunglasses that emphasize the lower part of your face.

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Using wire frames will make your forehead look delicate.

Summer 2013 runways also saw a surge of innovative decorated frames like these.

sunglasses 2013

Avoid such frames at all costs as they will only accentuate the width of your forehead.

4. Best 2013 Sunglasses Options for Oval Faces

The oval face shape is perfectly balanced and you can count yourself lucky if you are blessed with one. Zoe Saldana and Beyonce have oval shaped faces.

As the oval face has perfect proportions, your sunglasses have no additional responsibility of highlighting or downplaying any aspects of your face. So go with what you like and it will definitely suit you. You can opt for oversize shades, mirror shades, and experiment and still look hot. Luck you.

In 2013, cat eye frame sunglasses are extremely trendy. These would be perfect for oval faces, as they draw attention to the outward tips of your face that have softness and angles perfectly balanced. Definitely worth highlighting.

sunglasses 2013

So what is your face shape and what style of sunglasses are you going to choose to ‘face’ the world in style this summer?