25 Celebrities Who Debate Whether Life is Better as a Blonde or Brunette

There’s always been the never-ending debate of what kind of girls have more fun; blondes or brunettes, and apparently these hot celebrities can’t decide either. It’s no secret that Hollywood trends are ever-changing, and some of the sexiest celebrities have indulged in the fun life of a blonde, and the wild side of a brunette.  It’s the blondette challenge, and it’s safe to say that some celebrities should stick to the lighter shades, while others need to give their tresses a taste of chocolate. Of course, there’s always the lucky ladies of Hollywood who look absolutely fabulously regardless of the shade of their strands… And those are the ladies that we all envy. So whether you’re looking for some style inspiration, or simply want to gawk at exquisite beauty and awful beauty mistakes, this is the ultimate place for you to do just that.

Anne Hathaway Looks Better As a Blonde


It doesn’t take long to come to the conclusion that Anne absolutely looks best as a blonde. Her brunette tresses make her appear to be much older than she is, and it almost makes her look weathered. On the other hand, her blonde locks definitely illuminate her youth and sexy side and give the red carpet glamour that every lady can appreciate.

Lady Gaga Looks Better As a Brunette


Since Lady Gaga is always going above and beyond with her style, when she appears normal, it’s truly appreciated, and although her platinum blonde hair is totally chic, she still looks extremely made up. Everyone is sick of her looking like a zombie, meat factory or space shuttle. That’s all too typical for her. However, when Lady Gaga was spotted working her brown hair, she got the shock factor out of everyone that she craves. Lady Gaga as a brunette allows her natural beauty to show, and she looks normal and relatable. You may even go as far as saying that she even looks cute, and that certainly isn’t a word often associated with this eccentric babe.

Victoria Beckham Looks Best as Both


She’s the ultimate beauty queen, so it’s no surprise that Victoria Beckham can rock whatever look she desires. Whether she’s living the life of a blonde or brunette, Victoria will also remain as the pure definition of ravishing class and true beauty. Both hair colors work well to her benefit, but that’s not surprise. She’s completely ravishing.

Amanda Seyfried Looks Better As a Blonde


A brown-haired Amanda Seyfried looks like a vampire who just walked straight out of the set for the film, Twilight. The funny thing about that is that she’s not even part of the cast. The dark hair definitely doesn’t look good with her pale complexion, and it blanks out her stunning features and makes her look dead… Like a vampire. However, Amanda with blonde hair is absolutely stunning and glamorous, and has that Hollywood chic that everyone admires.

Katy Perry Looks Better As a Brunette


Katy Perry definitely appears to be too plain as a blonde, and her brown locks seem to enhance her inner wild child and individuality. The darker shade emphasizes her stunning features and evens out her flawless complexion.  However, Katy Perry can truly rock any hair color that she desires because she’s a total babe. It doesn’t matter if her hair is blonde, brunette, blue, pink or purple. She kills whatever look she’s rocking.

Fergie is Better Looks Best as Both


What a lucky girl! Fergie looks absolutely stunning with her flirty and feminine blonde curls, but she also looks sophisticated and sassy with darker tresses as well. Both hair colors do provide a different look to this Hollywood singer, and what girl doesn’t want to embrace all sides of her beauty?

Reese Witherspoon Looks Better As a Blonde


When you see this face, you can’t help but think of the adorable and feminine character Reese played for the film, Legally Blonde, so obviously seeing Reese as a blonde is ideal. The lighter hair color makes Reese look much younger, vibrant, energetic and fun. However, as she ages, Reese has been indulging in the darker shades and they do fit the more mature years that she is living, but no one wants to look older than they really are, and the brunette lifestyle for Reese seems to do just that. Reese needs to stick to being a Legally Blonde babe.

Megan Fox Looks Better As a Brunette


For the simple fact that Megan Fox is seen as the ultimate sex symbol, she looks better as a brunette because it brings that fierce sexiness to her appearance that make the men (And even women!) go absolutely crazy for her. Megan is still absolutely beautiful with blonde hair, however it provides a much more innocent appearance and doesn’t compliment her current success as a sex symbol.

Scarlett Johansson Looks Best as Both


As if this celebrity star didn’t have it all already! Whether she’s living the life of a blonde or brunette, Scarlett will make jaws drop around the globe because she is absolutely stunning. Both hair colors look fabulous on this babe, so she can certainly continue walking the life that either shades provide. She brings the fun to both shades.

Lily Cole Looks Better As a Blonde


Oh no, Lily. The brunette look is not working for you, girl. Lily looks like an old photo that has been washed out with the brightness of flash. Her extremely pale skin does not work with her extremely dark choice of brown hair dye. It just washes her features right off her face. Since her skin is as pale as a ghost, brunette makes her look much paler than she really is. On the other hand, blonde locks definitely bring out her stand out beauty.

Jessica Biel Looks Better as a Brunette


She definitely should never go blonde again because it is not doing anything favorable for her. Jessica Biel’s fair complexion blends right into her blonde hair line which leaves her face looking plain and even makes her look albino. Her brunette locks definitely gives an exquisite contrast that enhances her bold bone structure and beautiful features. She should never go blonde again.

Britney Spears Looks Best as Both


When she’s not looking like a complete hot mess with hair extensions falling from her head, Britney is the complete package. She’s recently gotten her life back in order while also treating herself to the blonde and brunette ways of this world. Britney is extremely adorable with brown hair, but you can’t forget about the famous and breathtaking blonde that she was prior to her life, and extensions, falling apart. So the lighter tones are an obvious favorite.

Cameron Diaz Looks Better As a Blonde


The brunette look is making Cameron look as old as she really is, if not older! She kind of looks like a hot mess with brown hair, so it’s safe to say that blonde is the life Cameron Diaz should stick with. She looks youthful, lively yet sophisticated and elegant when she’s indulging in the Barbie blonde tresses.

Jessica Alba Looks Better As a Brunette


It’s no secret that Jessica Alba is a completely hot commodity, but apparently that’s only when she’s indulging in the life of a brunette. Blonde hair is just not working for this celebrity. The lighter tones make her natural skin tone have a green tinge, while brown hair seems to enhance the glow of it. Jessica with brunette hair embraces her sexiness and glamour while also illuminating her radiant beauty.

Rachel McAdams Looks Best as Both


Give props to this Canadian girl because she is one of those lucky celebrities who look fabulous regardless of the color of her hair. Her blonde tresses bring a glamorous and chic appearance, and her brown locks bring out the class and elegance of her beauty.

Jennifer Lawrence Looks Better as a Blonde


You can quickly see for yourself that Jennifer Lawrence definitely looks better as a blonde. The lighter hues embrace her striking eyes and bold features, while brunette seems to blend them all in. That’s not to mention that the brunette hair promotes a gothic inspired look, and unless that’s the appearance she was going for, she should stick to the shades of a blonde.

Charlize Theron Looks Better as a Brunette


This is one lady who could pull any look off and still look exquisite and fabulous, and although she looks absolutely beautiful with blonde strands, the darker hue seems to provide a glow to her appearance that blonde doesn’t offer. Brunette hair makes her features pop out, and Charlize’s light skin tone combined with her dark hair provides a truly astonishing contrast that would make most people look awful. She’s anything but that with brunette locks.

Kate Moss Looks Better as a Blonde


This one is a no brainer. Kate Moss certainly doesn’t look like the supermodel that she is when she’s rocking the brunette look. As a blonde, Kate looks super chic and her appearance fits the appeal of her career. However, that is only when she is catwalking blonde tresses because brown hair does quite the opposite. Brunette locks don’t work well with her dark features and makeup, and the blonde option seems to provide the ultimate contrast that works well for her kind of beauty.

Drew Barrymore Looks Better as a Brunette


With a quick switch in color dye, Drew Barrymore’s whole entire appearance changes. She looks flirty and feminine with blonde hair, but the brunette look gives her a sexy, exotic, amazon appeal that is extremely captivating. She looks mysteriously stunning and you can’t help but feel gravitated towards her beauty. So, she’s definitely better as a brunette.

Katherine Heigl Looks Better as a Blonde


Simply put, Katherine Heigl simply looks too mediocre with brunette hair. Her bouncing blonde curls provide an elegance and poise to Katherine’s beauty that the brunette look definitely doesn’t. Blonde works flawlessly with her complexion and allows her bold eyes to pop.

Rihanna Looks Better as a Brunette


She’s a feisty female that has an overabundance of beauty, and although Rihanna can rock the gold hues of being a blonde, the brunette appearance definitely makes her features pop out. While blonde blends in her features, brunette makes everything stand out, from her eyes to her cheekbones, her luscious lips and everything else that is so stunning about this sassy chic diva. We could go on and on about the beauty of this babe, but then we’d be here forever.

Miley Cyrus Looks Best as Both


She has proven to be the kind of female who can rock whatever look she’s desiring and absolutely kill it. She went from beautiful long brunette locks to a short, platinum blonde Boy George inspired haircut, and although they’re both on opposite sides of the spectrum, Miley remains to be the stunning style diva that she’s always been known for since her days at Disney.

Beyonce Looks Better as a Blonde


Not all dark skinned woman can pull off the golden locks of a blonde, but Beyonce is definitely one of them. Life as a blonde for Beyonce lightens her features and embraces them, while darker hair seems to minimize and hide her stunningness. Embrace that beauty, girl.

Lindsay Lohan Looks Better as a Brunette


It’s not everyday that you stumble across a picture of Lindsay Lohan looking beautiful, especially when she’s often indulging in the ways of a blonde. As a brunette, Lindsay is able to embrace her unique features that make her stunning, such as her freckles, pale skin and green eyes. Blonde looks too unnatural for this natural ginger, and the darker tones of brown make her look like the successful, prestigious female that she once was.

Keira Knightley Looks Best as Both


She’s another celebrity that we all get to be envious of because Keira can rock both blonde and brunette hairstyles flawlessly. Neither shades blend in her beauty and features and they actually seem to have their own ways of enhancing her bold bone structure and big brown eyes. Blonde hair illuminates a sassy innocence while brunette seems to provide a dramatic confidence, but both definitely look just as fabulous.

All of these Hollywood hotties are definitely beautiful regardless of their hair color choice, but some should definitely stick to lighter shades while others should steer far from just that.  That’s not to mention that the majority of these sexy celebs have combined their hair color-changing ways, and are now indulging in the new and trendy way of Ombre locks.