3 Hottest Looks with Winter Stockings in 2012-13

The winter season is approaching. Are you ready for the onslaught of the wintry winds? Are you fully prepared for the COLD- COLD winters? I’m sure you love the snow and the early morning cold weather. But you can only enjoy the winters if you are dressed in the right attire for the winter season. Over coats, fur jackets, over sized boots and obviously one of our favorite pieces of clothing, stockings, all need to be taken out from their underground hidings.

Stockings are one of the warmest pair of clothing and are an essential item for this season. It is highly unlikely that you will adorn this look throughout the year, but it pays to invest in this sexy gear called stockings. Along with being extremely essential, they are super stylish too!  And obviously after watching Gossip girls, who would not wish to invest in a pair of winter stockings. They add a fun factor to your style and keep you warm for the winter.

Stockings are a versatile piece of clothing and can be experimented in different looks. They remove the boredom from your attire and you can literally have fun with them. Whether you’re a college going girl or a working woman, stockings are trendy and can transform you into a babe in no time.

Stockings are must haves for the winter and help you adjust to the cold climate without sacrificing on your style quotient. They can be worn with skirts, shorts, dresses or long tops and tunic. You can wear your summer and spring clothes during the winter also by teaming up with a pair of stockings.

How to Wear Winter Stockings in 2012-2013

1) Winter Stockings & Skirt 2012-2013

Girls and women, aren’t skirts your personal favourites. And when asked not to wear this amazing piece of clothing during the winter (obviously for health reasons), isn’t it heart breaking? But thankfully, you have the stocking to your rescue. You can wear this extremely versatile piece of clothing with a mini skirt, and look incredibly chic. Pair this look with a tight shirt or make sure your skirt is high waisted to add more glamour to this look.

If you’re not the kinds to wear a mini skirt and prefer a knee length or longer denim skirt, this look could also work wonders. Accessorize this look well with a nice girly pendant or a bracelet with hangings. Wear a black sweater, a short skirt and stockings in your favourite colour to have a perfect winter look.

 2) Winter Stockings & Dress 2012-2013

Stockings are commonly worn with dresses these days. Many girls and women heading out on a date prefer this look with their favorite dresses. You could also team up your formal dress with black stockings for a perfect day at work. Whether your dress is a turtle neck or an off shoulder dress, everything will match with a pair of winter stockings.

3) Winter Stockings & Shorts 2012-2013

 This one is a very trendy look. Young and peppy college going girls prefer this look. High waist shorts, classy pair of shorts, torn denim shorts or casual shorts, you can pair them with stockings rather easily. Gossip Girl stars love this look and you will be familiar with this look if you are another Gossip Girl lover.


 Personally, I think stockings look best in neutral shades such as browns, blacks, whites or nude. They are easy to combine with all your attires and make you look like a diva in no time and without any efforts. Adorn the right accessories, wear the right pair of shoes and you have a totally chic look ready.