3 Trends for Ankle Length Boots 2012-13 that Come Out Calling!

Well, it is certainly a thing of the past when boots were solely meant for the harsh and snowy winters. Fashion has taken over this ensemble also where we see young girls and women parading in boots all throughout the year.  Girls and boots have always been meant to stay together forever. They look absolutely hot when worn right.

We have the super long boots with heels which get a little uncomfortable if worn for a prolonged period and then there are the ankle boots which work just perfect with their comfort and fashion quotient- a stunning combination!

Before we have a quick update on the latest trends of boots this winter season, there is a little something we girls have to keep in mind. Ankle length boots should never be worn with skirts or even pair them with dresses (FYI- Any kind of dresses), they give you a very stunted look and make you appear shorter. Also never pair them up with loose pants or anything remotely close to being loose. Alright, on that note, let’s check out the latest ankle boots trends that are going to rock Fall/ Winter 2012-13.

Latest Ankle Length Boots Trends 2012-13

1) Wedges-Ankle Length Boots

We all know as opposed to the knee length boots, the ankle length boots are extremely comfortable. They are a must have necessity if you wish to wear them for daily purposes this winter. This Fall / Winter season’s boot fashion is certainly giving out a long call to the wedges. And they promise to not only stay but also give you the much desired sexy look you have been trying to portray. Pairing wedges with the super tight skinny leggings is the perfect ensemble. They will make your legs look longer and make you feel like you’re on the top of the world!

2) Platform- Ankle Length Boots

Ladies, platform heels have been hugely popular amongst us but when we have something like ‘Platform- Ankle Length Boots’ who would ever think of even stepping out of those? They are super comfy and make you look chic with so much ease. They will look perfect for your daily routines and allow you to wear them with almost anything in your wardrobe. Sounds too good to believe, doesn’t it? This winter, try it to believe it.

3) Buckled- Ankle Length Boots

Every celebrity and runway model has this accessory in their wardrobes in almost every colour and pattern. Wondering why, aren’t you? Well, Buckled- Ankle Length Boots are the latest fashion mantra on almost every website, tabloid, fashion magazine and certainly the ramps. In Fall/ Winter 2012-2012, we will see them on the red carpets; at a party you would attend or maybe even at the shopping store. The Buckled- Ankle Length Boots can tend to look a little messy if not matched up to your attire well; so mix and match well!

 When dressing up in your sexy ankle length boots always remember to keep it simple! Boots always give you a little edgy and complete look towards the bottom. So, try opting for a sober look towards the top. Show of those boots with a little élan and you my pretty lady are good to go!