30 Shocking Pics of Celebs With No Makeup On


Everyone likes to see celebrities with no makeup on, right? It’s always a nice reminder to see that even the hottest of stars are still normal and have imperfections. Yes. Celebrities have flaws too. Who knew? So let’s see where these celebrities went wrong with their au natural look, and let’s see who absolutely nails their natural beauty.


Mila Kunis


It was only recently that this Mila Kunis picture was put out in the media of her not wearing any makeup and there has been a huge uproar over it. The truth is that this picture looks like she just woke up., and who doesn’t look tired and frumpy when we first crawl out of bed?


AnnaLynne McCord


This Hollywood hottie is definitely doing the all-natural look perfectly. She looks absolutely stunning and fairly flawless. It does look like the picture of her without makeup on is a selfie, so it’s quite possible that she did some priming before snapping her naked shot. Regardless though, AnnaLynne McCord looks just as beautiful without makeup on than she does with it on.


Faith Hill

Celebrities_Without_Makeup_2 (2)

This one is kind of sad because she’s truly a beautiful person inside and out. The contrast between the two pics really makes her look like a different person, but you can’t deny that she has some seriously stunning natural features.


Sofia Vergara


How is it possible that someone can look so beautiful with absolutely no makeup on. It definitely helps to have your features dark like Sofia has. Her eyelashes still stand out, her eyebrows are still defined and her hair is looking silky smooth. She does look like a completely different person with makeup on, but her all natural alter-ego certainly stands out on her own. Now that’s a true beauty!


Amanda Seyfried


Busted! She’s totally wearing some mascara in this one. She certainly doesn’t have all the makeup on that is required for the red carpet, but it’s safe to assume that she’s not completely natural in this one. She’s a natural blonde, and her eyelashes are looking pretty dark. Regardless though, Amanda can definitely rock a “more-natural” look flawlessly.


Lady Gaga


Not much needs to be said about this one. She looks like a disaster with makeup on, and she looks like even more of a disaster without it. To sum it up, Lady Gaga looks like a train wreck on and off the runway. The only thing is that she always has her face covered up with accessories so you often can’t see how she actually looks.


Goldie Hawn


Uh oh! This is a bad one. The wrinkles are totally ruining her natural capabilities. That’s what wearing no sun screen does to you, ladies! Lather that bad boy on! Take it from Goldie Hawn because aging is definitely the culprit to making her look pretty darn weathered without makeup on. That, or she missed out on her recent Botox appointment.




She’s still a babe, she just looks like a different one. Actually, her ethnicity seems to change when she isn’t wearing any makeup on. She probably wouldn’t look so different if she didn’t wear the biggest, longest and most vibrant false lashes on a daily basis, but aside from her lack of lashes, she does look fab and fresh.


Busy Phillipps


Her look without makeup on pretty much sums up anything that could ever be written about her without makeup on. To be fair though, she seems to be rocking a rather frumpy-errand inspired appearance.




How is this even possible? As if Rihanna couldn’t get any more fierce and fabulous! Makeup or no makeup, this girl looks absolutely flawless and rocks true beauty like no other. On a side note, her hair is professionally done in this picture which does help achieve an overall beauty of the face, but even if you focus strictly on her features, she definitely knows how to rock her natural beauty flawlessly. She has officially made the whole world of females jealous.


Selena Gomez


She looks the same! Now we know why Justin Bieber is totally stuck on this beauty. Selena Gomez doesn’t typically cake her face with makeup anyway, so it does help emphasize her natural beauty even when she is professionally made up which helps deter the shock factor. She’s still young though, so who knows what will happen when her skin begins to age and gravity starts to take effect.


Tori Spelling


Her natural look isn’t anything compared to what it is when she is wearing makeup. She has very puffy features and without the contouring effects of makeup, she kind of looks like a blow fish. She’s absolutely hilarious though and that makes her one of the sexiest female celebrities out there.


Maria Shiver


Let’s be honest here… She looks like a drug addict with no makeup on. Again, she has been victimized by natural aging, but man has it ever taken a toll on her appearance. She’s not really anything special to look at when she’s all dressed up either though.


Kim Kardashian


Kim without her makeup on is simple – She just looks like her younger brother, Rob Kardashian. She’s still extremely beautiful, she’s just less vibrant and glamorous. Kim can rock a natural look though, that’s for sure!


Khloe Kardashian


Just like Kim, Khloe looks like her brother without makeup on. She looks much more voluptuous due to the lack of illusions makeup can provide, but these sisters definitely have natural beauty in their genes. You don’t even need to see a picture of Kourtney to believe it.


Demi Lovato


Again, this is just not fair. She is so exquisite with her all natural look. It does look like she has a little something-something on those lips of hers which can definitely give a better appearance off, but she’s still got it regardless.




Do black women have some kind of beauty secret because between Beyonce and Rihanna, it’s hard to believe that they don’t. Beyonce looks just as stunning without makeup on than she does with it. How is that even possible? Again, welcome aboard the jealousy train.


Heidi Klum


Even supermodels have to take their makeup off at the end of the day, and Heidi Klum looks just as extravagant without it as she does when she’s working the catwalk. Of course, her features are much duller and not as dark without all the mascara and touch-ups, since she is a blonde after all, but Heidi still kills the natural blonde features that she was given.


Pamela Anderson


She’s another culprit of aging. Apparently plastic surgery can’t fix all of your problems, especially the natural ones. Pamela still looks pretty without makeup, less the bird’s nest resting on her head.


Angelina Jolie


How is this even fair? Angelina Jolie looks beautiful without makeup on! She actually looks the exact same. She doesn’t even have to wear makeup… Ever!


Keira Knightley


She looks so beautiful all natural! Her cheekbones and jawline are totally to-die-for and this girl should never wear makeup. She is so hot!


Kelly Clarkson


Uh oh. At first glance, she looks like she just came out of severe dental surgery. With a lack of makeup contouring on her cheeks, she looks like a chipmunk. The worst thing about this all natural look is the hair though. That bleach blonde hair is doing nothing for her pale complexion.


Ashley Tisdale


She looks average. To some, that may be an insult, but to celebrities, it’s a total bonus because she can blend in with the population when she’s out running errands. She is still very pretty, but there’s nothing special to her natural appearance. She’s simply average.




She looks like a blonde version of Aerosmith’s lead singer, Steven Tyler. Mind you, it is a bad picture and to be completely honest, Madonna isn’t the sexiest of celebrities out there. Hey! She has some big competition in the looks department, as the rest of the celebrities on this list clearly prove to be true.


Tyra Banks


She’s definitely a role model who preaches about true beauty and feeling beautiful regardless of your natural appearance. However, Tyra Banks looks much better with makeup on. She’s by no means horrendous without makeup on, but her natural look definitely doesn’t help her supermodel career.



A bare-faced Pink (Alecia Beth Moore), arrives on the set of film "Thanks for Sharing" with her husband Carey Hart and daughter Willow

She’s the culprit of the light features that natural blondes are often blessed with, and although her eyelashes are invisible, as are her eyebrows, she’s still very beautiful and rocks a vibrancy to her natural look that is certainly appreciated.


Jennifer Lawrence


She’s a new celebrity on the scene and her natural look is only going to further her popularity because she is absolutely stunning without makeup on as well. She has very unique features which benefit her natural appearance.


Kathy Griffin


Oh no. This is just not good. Kathy Griffin without makeup on could be the reasons why there is so much negativity directed towards natural redheads. Now, don’t get us wrong. There are definitely beautiful redheads out there. It just so happens that Kathy Griffin isn’t one of them. At least she has a sense of humor, right?


Cameron Diaz


She’s another one of those celebrities who isn’t often made up totally glamorous so the contrast between her red carpet look and au-natural look isn’t so prominent. Despite her hair looking like she’s stuck in a Grease Lightning photo shoot, Cameron can rock a pretty look with no makeup.


Jessica Alba


Taking into consideration that this photo was snapped in the middle of an action, Jessica Alba is still absolutely beautiful. She really doesn’t look that different without all the makeup on. She simply looks cuter, sweet and much more emphasized.

Its no secret that the media certainly picks the worst pictures that they can find of celebrities without makeup on and then they publish it for the world to see. Believe it or not but the majority of these babes are totally hot with their au natural look. The unfortunate thing, aside from the possibility of these being bad photos, is that we are so used to seeing these stars professionally made up, so when we see their face completely naked, it’s feels like they were hit with an atomic bomb. When you take that into factor, most of the celebrities that walk the red carpets are just as sexy without makeup on as well. On the contrary, the good news for us normal people is that since we don’t have professional stylists and makeup artists fussing with our faces every day, when we do go for the all natural look, it’s not so much of a culture shock.