Christmas Party Hairstyles for Men

4 Hottest Christmas Party Hairstyles for Men

Hi guys,

Are you all set for tonight’s Christmas party? Brilliant!

By now you must be ready wearing the best outfit for Christmas. But hey before you leave for that party, did you give your hair an awesome styling? If not, fret not. Take a look at the best Christmas party hairstyles for men. We are presenting four most popular and trendiest contemporary men’s hairstyles.

Unlike what is commonly believed, a good hairstyle is not just the domain of women any more. Guys often tend to ignore this aspect of their personality. One of the reasons could be the entrenched belief that a man should be more careless and rough-n-tough and looking after physical beauty is a ‘girlish’ thing. Don’t be one of them. Read on and be the star at tonight’s Christmas party.

Many things are shifting in the Aquarian age. The concepts about what is ‘manly’ and what is ‘womanly’ are changing rapidly. Contemporary men like to be well-groomed and women love that. So all you men out there, get ready to flaunt an attractive hairstyle.

There are many hairstyles to suit your looks. Following are four of the trendiest ones for this Christmas season.

1) Short Curls – For a Laid-Back Look

Christmas Party Hairstyles for Men

If you are blessed with naturally wavy or curly hair then this is one of the most natural hairstyles you would want to flaunt at the Christmas party today. If you don’t have curls, worry not, you can always curl your hair artificially and get the desired effect that a natural waviness can offer. Cut the hair on the sides shorter than the hair on the crown of your head. And you’re ready with a trendy hairstyle for a chilled-out Christmas party.

2) Short Side Part George Clooney Style

Christmas Party Hairstyles for Men

Hey guys you don’t need to pull your hair if you don’t have the privileged curls on your head. Your straight hair is a perfect suit for the short hairstyle.

Popularized at the end of the last decade, and made popular by actors like George Clooney, this is one of those hairstyles that offer you a stylish yet gentlemanly appearance. The short-haired side parted hairstyle can be donned by young and not so young guys alike. Easier to maintain, this is a good choice for a Christmas party with family and friends.

3) Shoulder Length Unkempt Hairstyle


This hairstyle gives you a more informal, casual and natural appearance. It is believed that women feel more attracted towards men with longer hair than shorter ones. The reality behind this belief is unknown but many a men today prefer longer hair despite the fact that they are more difficult and time-consuming to manage. A shoulder length hairstyle is a great choice for a more relaxed yet smart and stylish look during the Christmas season.

4) Double Slick Hairstyle

Christmas Party Hairstyles for Men

The slick hairstyle keeps appearing in men’s hairstyle scenario every fashion season. The popularity of Mad Men and Boardwalk Empire undoubtedly has a major role to play in this. The latest trend is the double slicks instead of one made famous by actors like Chris Hemsworth.

With your medium length hair, create a central part with fingers and with some gel or any styling cream comb the front hair upward and sideways. And you are ready to rock for a scintillating Christmas evening.

Your hair speaks a lot about your personality and your life. Long hair or short hair, women love men who know how to manage their looks and lives. A well-groomed man is more attractive to most women. So, bring the best of your masculine charm this Christmas by giving your hair one of these awesome hairstyles. Merry Christmas!