4 Shorts Trends that’ll only get Bigger in 2012

Shorts are a must have piece of clothing in every woman and girl’s wardrobe today. They are definitely required for the hot summers but can also be paired with some wonderful accessories in the rains and a couple of other warm pieces for the winters. Either way, ‘SHORTS’, you need a pair of these in your favorite style.  Shorts are a super hot wear for the girls, a total eye catcher for the drooling guys and surely a win- win situation anywhere you go! Well, shorts are an obsession of the 2012 girls. So here is an entire overview of the Latest trends in shorts in 2012.

Latest Trends in Women Shorts in 2012

1) Denim Shorts

Today’s fashion is very casual but still chic. Wearing a pair of denim shorts is like sporting a totally new youthful avatar for any girl! Don’t believe me? Customize your pair of denim shorts at home if you don’t want to invest in one right away. Take a pair of your old denims and a scissor. Simply rip it off really short or to the length of your preferred choice. Leave a couple of threads and strings loose to give it an unfinished look, and you’re ready to go! A pair of denim shorts is certainly a must have…

2) Bermuda Shorts

A style statement of the past, Bermuda shorts are back and how! Well, if you’re not the petite kind and still wish to sport the shorts look, this one is a perfect choice.  Bermuda shorts aren’t too short and fit up to your knees or just a little above them. They make your thighs look thinner and elongated providing you with the desired look. Bermuda shorts have a much laid back look and can still look versatile if paired with various accessories. And, don’t forget to pack one of these if you’re off to a holiday destination!

3) Boy Shorts a.ka. Hot Shorts

Well, with every passing year the size of the shorts and their hem lines has been tremendously reduced, giving way to what we call hot shorts! The name itself suggests their hotness quotient and if you go by simply the word of all those hot bodies in Hollywood you would know what these shorts are talking. Hot shorts look best in vibrant colors preferably neon pinks or blue or yellows! Have a look at what Shenae Grimes from the fame of 90210 is sporting in her hot-hot-hot style statement….

Now isn’t it just a totally hot, super chic and right out of the bed look. And trust me-oh! this is one look every guy wants his girl to wear.

4) Formal Shorts

Agree with us? Don’t agree? Well, formal shorts are the most stylish look of this season. Boring days at office in those pencil skirts and ill-fitted trousers are behind us. On their way now are the formal shorts! They look best in blacks, whites or even shades of browns and grays. Pair them with a good fitted shirt and you my workaholic girl are going to be the boss’s favorite!

Go girls make shorts your obsession, today!