5 Athletic Trends in 2013 – Get Ready to Sport the Look

It is good to stay ahead, right? How to stay ahead is a question that bothers many. Getting to know what lies ahead can give people the golden chance to stay better prepared. This is a fool proof route to fruitful results, right? You can assume we have a fashion trend prediction machine that will keep you pre-trend updated! So, as far as fashion goes, you have nothing to worry about. Get ready to jot down some of the key highlights for the next year. Yes our guide on 2013’s athletic trends is right here!


 We are about to disclose a trend that will definitely make an entry into your wardrobe in a matter of a few months. To enrich your fashion knowledge for the next year, read on.                  

  1. Olympic Fever Finds a Trend

Courtesy the grand Olympics, sports influenced fashion is definitely in for the year 2013. The thrill and adrenaline pumping sporting events will not only be fun, enjoyable and a visual treat but also make you visually appealing with sporty trendy wear too. Infuse the sporty look by investing in the right colors. Typically, shades of red, blue and white are the top picks you must opt for in the United Kingdom. These three colors, separately or in combination give off that cool, confident look that the players carry along all the time. These colors encompass the sports luxury fashion very well.

  1. Bomber Jackets

Flaunt your edgy look with the help of bomber jackets. This trend for the upcoming year will be a hit among both men and women. The bomber jackets available next year will cast off casual, sporty yet relaxed look. Now you have more than a substantial reason to save up in order to buy a leather bomber jacket that will certainly work to your advantage. Do not restrict its use with only jeans and tee. Try bomber jackets in silk with a pair of high waist shorts!

The spring and summer collection for the impending year of 2013 by Burberry Prorsum presented fun interpretations of bomber jackets. Male models were seen wearing orange and pink colored front zip bomber jackets with collared shirts and trousers.

  1. Crop Styled Tops for 2013

Show off your Olympian style enthusiasm with crop tops in metallic shades of the medals won, for example bronze, silver or ultimate winner gold! Oh yes, we did see quite a lot of celebrities namely music sensations Katy Perry and Selena Gomez wearing the crop style this year. The next year will be fortunate enough to have this look almost as a staple one. There is not much you need to put in to rock this look. You’ll look sporty with a dash of sexiness in shimmer crop tops.


  1. Stripes and Racerback Neckline

Combine both for awesome results! What can be better than sporting racer back necklines to nail the sporty look of 2013. This style was introduced in swimwear to allow the swimmers to move their arms freely. But next year, you will surely see fashion icons trying this trend in tees or meshy vests and showing off their shoulders and sexy back. So, now that you know well in advance, start doing all the shoulder and back workouts to enhance the look of your shoulder blades. Stripes have always been in fashion so it really does not surprise us that it will be back in 2013.

  1. Crazy Color Blocking

The athletic trend we are discussing will be totally incomplete without the mention of color blocking trend. So, it is has been established that fun with colors is not over yet and will make it to the next year as well. However, this trend will go a notch higher in 2013. So, to get the athletic trend right, you must invest in monochromatic color blocking. Next year’s basic rule is to stay on the same color palette.

 The key to get this correct is to incorporate two pieces with varying shades with a hint of a third color that does not belong to the other two hues. The end result allows you to execute the playful yet edgy look with ease. We would also suggest you to achieve the look via accessories in bright colors too. Color blocking is indeed extremely easy with a vast scope for experimentation that will never go wrong.

With this update on the ‘to be noted’ components for an athletic look 2013, you will score the maximum fashion points and win too.