Wedding Beauty Tips

5 Beauty Tips for Weddings: Be a ‘Sparkling’ Wedding Guest

Weddings are no doubt stressful for the bride and the groom. However, they can be equally stressful for guests too, who want to look their best on their loved ones’ special occasion.

And if you are close to the couple- say mother, sister aunt, best friend, you are even more conscious of looking your very best for the event.

Obviously, you don’t want to steal the thunder from the bride. But you can definitely avail some beauty treatments to look great on the bride’s big day, without upstaging her.

Wedding Beauty Tips

Beauty and Makeup Tips Before a Wedding

1.  Facials

Facials are very effective in rejuvenating your skin and bringing on that glow. The bride may glow with happiness and love (though I am sure, she has her facials too), but you had better stick to a facial to get the glow.

There are different kinds of facials and you need to have one that will best suit your skin type and the current skin condition.

The facial begins with a deep cleansing to remove all the grime and dirt and scrubs away all the dead cells on the surface. Then your skin is moisturized and toned. Thus the end result is hydrated supple skin that is soft and smooth and presents a superior make-up canvas.

Oxygen facials and light chemical peels are some of the effective facial options for you.


2. Classic French Manicure

Your hands do become the focus of attention even if it is not your wedding. You don’t want chipped, broken nails, when you are dancing with the best man, do you?

A manicure is the best beauty treatment for your hands and nails. It will keep your hands soft and supple, and give your nails a healthy strong look.

French manicures have always been popular and you could stick to them if you are a traditionalist at heart. The French manicure paints the nail tips white, while the rest of the nails get a base coat in a light subtle color like pink, cream or beige.

French manicure
French Manicure

3. Next Generation French Manicure

And if you want you nails to make a statement, there are several options available. Of course the manicure procedure remains the same. Cleaning, moisturizing and shaping your nails. Then you can opt creative nail art that is sure to make your nails (and hands) stand out.

french manicure
Next Generation French Manicure

4. Pedicure

Want pretty feet for the wedding? Don’t miss out on the pedicure treatment.  Besides beautifying your feet, pedicures can be extremely relaxing and can literally melt the stress away. Just imagine, you are on your feet most of the time, don’t they deserve some pampering? And yes, it is good idea to match your toe colors with your footwear or you could coordinate with your finger nail colors.


5. Hair Gloss Treatment

The application of hair gloss gives an attractive shine to your hair and is your best weapon against dull, lifeless hair. Hair gloss dyes are extremely safe and do not damage your hair in any way.

Wedding Beauty Tips
Hair Gloss

So now you are all set to attend weddings in style. And remember, for the best results, start these beauty treatments a week or so in advance and not just a day before, the event.