Make Up

5 Beauty Tips & Tricks for Women- by an Insomniac

I don’t get enough sleep. Really, I’m writing this post at 2:09 am (I’m not in the UK right now).

Although I love being an owl, writing at night (I have forever been a night owl), but there’s something I want to share with you. Some bitter betrayal.

Here’s the saga of the betrayal:

Working late nights and in the early hours of mornings makes my skin look lined, rough and dry. If I don’t give my skin proper care, my face and my skin betray me and turn into dull and boring things; and my eyes look heavy and sore with patches of dark circles.

I have discovered and stumbled upon some tricks through years of being an insomniac workaholic to make the morning glimpse in the mirror less shocking, and more pleasing. By the way, these tricks and tips have worked for me and will work for you too whether working late nights is your regular routine or a rare occurrence.

1) Wash your face regularly

Wash your face no less than twice daily with a cleanser that goes well with your skin type.

Choose your face cleanser based on the kind of your skin (oily, normal, dehydrated or combination). Aloe-vera works well for cleansing the skin, but make sure you do not cleanse very frequently. Although splashing plain water on your face regularly works very well for many people (including me) but make sure you don’t ever clean your face with extremely hot or very cold water. Because both can break your capillaries.

2) Do not leave make up on

After an outing with your friends, a date with your boyfriend or a party, remove the make up as soon as you get back home. No matter how tired you are, if you keep the make up on while sleeping, it will frequently cause your eyes to water, besides causing acne, skin problems and reactions.

In fact, even if you have to go out again after some hours, please do yourself the favor of removing the make up. You can re-apply the make up later.

3) Drink lots of Water

Throughout the day, whether you’re out with friends, at office or glued to your workstation (like me) drinking lots of water will make your skin look healthier. I vouch for it from experience.

4) Moisturize your skin

All skin types need moisturizing. Preserving the moisture element in your skin is vital. As a result, you must use a moisturizer on a daily basis.

Now that winters are knocking at your doorstep, you should be more careful and frequent with moisturizing your skin, as it has a tendency of becoming dry quickly (due to the cold weather). Therefore, in the winter season, treat your body a couple or more times every day with moisturizer.

5) Use Facial oil

Facial oil is your skin’s friend. Facial oil will make your skin look healthy and soft within a couple of hours after its use.

Give your skin the love of these tips and it will love you back with a gleaming, radiating skin.