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5 Best Celebrity Fashion Trends in 2012 (So Far)

If someone asks the celebrities how the year 2012 has been on the fashion front, they’d all have words like ‘stoked’ and so on. We noticed a surge of several fashion trends that look exciting and appealing. Out of the many, do you know which to rate as top five celebrity fashion trends? If no, do not sweat it out. Just check out what we’ve written below. Read carefully:

1) Peplum Everywhere

Jennifer Aniston Emma Stone and Blake Lively in peplum dresses                                             

It seems like our celebrities just cannot get enough of pretty peplum dresses this year! All stylish females, beginning from royal fashionista Kate Middleton to actors for example Blake Lively, Jennifer Aniston and Emma Stone and many more love this fashion trend. We surely cannot blame it on them; these peplum dresses are in fact addictive due to their figure flattering potential.

What’s a Peplum?

Peplum style is being seen on skirts, jackets, tops and dresses too. It basically refers to the flirtatious ruffle all around the waistline. The volume effect provided by peplums at the hips in turn will make your figure similar to that of an hourglass. Peplum tops with a cool pair of shorts looks smashing on young girls.

peplum tops jackets and skirts

2) Volume Rich Pleats


Crisp pleats are another hot favorite of many celebrities in 2012. You’ll be pleased to know that this celebrity fashion trend will continue to dominate the fashion scenario for an extended period of time. Accordion pleat skirt is being fast adopted by several stars such as Dakota Fanning. And one of the biggest reasons is the ethereal and feminine feel these sharp pleats render. Some are wearing it with blazers, boyfriend jackets and flaunting this new trend. Even pleated maxi dresses look apt for the time of summer.

3) Color Blocking

color blocking celebrity styles                           

This particular fashion trend is standing out quite literally! Stark contrasting solid colors are being explored eagerly. Bold and vibrant colors from extremes of the color palette are being put together with full on confidence.

What do you have to say after taking a close look at the  image of all the stars strutting at shows and functions in colors of tangerine turquoise, black? If you too are game for this trend, here are a few ways of doing so:

To start with, you can carry off this style with handbags in bright colors of pink, yellow or orange! Hues of red, pink and orange, all three, when worn in single attire look stunning!

4) Floral Trend at its Peak in 2012

Jenna Dewan in floral jeans                                    

Flowers have always spread happiness and now, they’re doing so by making people and celebrities look extremely pretty. Models and movie stars are all super delighted to don flowers, say daffodils, tulips, sunflower etc, beginning from the head and ending at the toe. Would you say no to this ongoing girly trend? Well, it is hard to avoid it, especially when all types of clothes seem to have floral designs printed on! Yes, be it jeans, tops, evening gown, swimwear or footwear, wow factor of flowers is hard to miss.

5) Sexy Sheer Loved by Hollywood Divas

Sheer Dresses                                      

With a deadly silhouette achieved after equally deadly workouts, stars are flaunting their toned assets with the help of sheer fabric. It’s a rage that will pick up pace very soon. So now you that you know do not feel shy to give this hot look a try. This ‘barely there’ look is available in pants and tops. Slightly transparent or moderately, the sheerness may look difficult to nail, but it is not so. Just get your accessories and shoes right.

So, you just received a truck load of fresh and popular trends that are dominating the fashion circuit in 2012. Try them while they are still in the top five lists.