Best Dressed Actresses in Hollywood Movies of 2012

Fashion Comes Alive with 5 Best Dressed Actresses in Hollywood Movies of 2012

We usually judge the fashion sense of celebrities by observing what they wear to Red Carpet events, parties and public outings. But now it’s time to judge their fashion sense by taking a good glance at their looks in movies.

Celebrities do not always choose their look in the movies that they work in. They are usually styled by professional stylists and while some celebrities may add their opinions, some really have no choice because “the character demands a certain look”. This is precisely the reason why celebrities’ looks in movies almost never go wrong.

We have observed some of the finest pieces of clothing being displayed in the Hollywood movies of 2012. So let’s leave the best dressed men aside for today and take a good look at the Best Dressed Actresses in Hollywood Movies 2012.

1. Kristen Stewart in Breaking Dawn Part 2

There are two reasons why we have pitched Kristen Stewart on a pedestal by giving her the number one spot on the list of the Best Dressed Actresses in Hollywood Movies 2012.

 Best Dressed Actresses in Hollywood Movies of 2012

Number one is that Kristen Stewart is best dressed in real life and she stuns us each time she steps out. And the second reason she stands tall on our list is because, the previous installments of Twilight saw Kristen as the girl next door who had no sense of style and wore whatever came in handy; but once the girl transforms into a vampire, an inner fashion Goddess arises from the ashes of the human and Kristen gives us the most memorable outfits ever.

What we loved the most about Bella’s look in Breaking Dawn 2 is her raw sexiness. Her dresses (especially the electric blue mini dress) and her trench coats throughout the movie look simply fabulous.

2. Emma Stone in the Amazing Spider Man

Emma Stone seems to have bagged all the accolades and appreciation for her dressing sense in real as well as reel life. We guess the reason that this is possible is because anything looks great on this actress. Emma Stone featured as the female lead in the Amazing Spider Man. We wonder whether Mr. Spidey fell for her due to her great sense of style in the movie.

 Emma Stone

Emma’s look in the film was styled around a winter theme and she mostly sported casual styles. Her look can be a good source of inspiration for teenagers and youth who wish to add a spark of vibrancy in their look this winter.

3. Keira Knightly in Anna Karenina

Keira Knightly lives up to the image of a 19th Century high society aristocrat with her exceptional acting abilities, but she does so also with her amazing outfits in the movie Anna Karenina. This is one movie from this list that is not based in the present time and this movie graciously displays the trends prevalent among the women fashionistas of the 19th century society.

Best Dressed Actresses in Hollywood Movies of 2012

We loved Keira’s fur coats, long gowns, pearl accessories (choker necklaces and earrings) and hats in the movie. Every item that she sported contributed to an overall chic look.

4. Berenice Marlohe in Skyfall

If you want to keep it hot, then Berenice Marlohe is the way to go. The new bond girl boosted up the oomph factor in Skyfall with her sexy look. The plunging necklines, bold colors and skin hugging, figure revealing clothes were carried by Berenice with extreme elegance in this movie. We loved the evening looks she sported in this movie, especially the black dress with netted sleeves and the netted see through back and the red satin dress.

Best Dressed Actresses in Hollywood Movies of 2012

5. Lily Collins in Mirror Mirror

Our fondest childhood memory of having someone recite the story of Snow White, comes alive in the movie Mirror Mirror. Lilly Collins lives up to our fashion expectations of Snow White in this movie, with her long flowing gowns, off shoulder dresses and other such exquisite pieces that she dons gracefully throughout the movie.

Best Dressed Actresses in Hollywood Movies of 2012

Movies inspire fashion trends among the public and while some of you may have already picked up these trends that we display today, the others can get an opportunity to witness some of the greatest styles of 2012, which you can incorporate in your look too.