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5 Best Natural Beauty Tips From Mother Nature

Nature has endowed us with a rich bounty in the form of flora and fauna. Many a time, these gifts are used in incredible ways to derive health and wellness benefits. Natural beauty remedies are a great way to enliven our body and restore its natural freshness.

The origin of natural remedies can be traced back to the Vedic period in the Indian subcontinent. “Ayurveda” marked the genesis of using natural elements to cure illnesses and infuse a sense of general well being. Today, natural remedies are being used the world over in new, innovative ways.

5 Best Natural Beauty Remedies

1) Tea To Tango


 Use a tea treatment to nurture your precious locks.

Here’s our recommendation for different hair types:
2 tea bags (Blondes – Chamomile
Redheads –  Rooibos
Brunettes  – Black Tea)
2 cups of water

Soak 2 tea bags in boiling water for about 10 minutes. Remove the tea bags and wait for the water to cool down to room temperature. Then rinse your shampooed hair with this filtrate. Rinse off with water and close in with a conditioner to give a radiant shine boost to your hair.

2) An Eggy Situation

 Do you have splotchy redness on your face?

Fear no more.

These heat symptoms can be soothed away in a jiffy.

Here’s how:

Simply mix together lemon juice (from one lemon) and the yolk of an egg into an evenly consistent paste. Leave this paste on your face overnight and see a magical difference the morning after. (If you want, you can even leave it on for a lesser time)

3) Back to the Roots

We’ve all heard about the antioxidant properties of carrots and avocados. But did you know that they are an awesome face mask? Yes, that’s right. All you need is an avocado, a cooked carrot, half a cup of heavy cream, ¼ cup honey and 1 egg. Combine all the ingredients into a paste and apply the paste on your face. Rinse after 20 minutes.

Your facial skin will be replenished with calcium, vitamins and antioxidants. This works wonders in removal of age spots and also helps in toning your skin. Your skin emerges feeling fresher and healthier than ever before.

4) Dr. Citrus

 The spritely benefits of citrus fruits are new to none. Aside from being fortified with Vitamin C and an excellent digestion regulator, oranges and lemons can also be used to nourish damaged hair.

Instead of using expensive serums and hair sprays, you can use oranges for extra strong hold and lemons to soothe dry hair. Boil the chopped fruit in water till the liquid is soupy. Use a cloth strainer and store the filtrate in a spray bottle for use.

Notice the brilliance of nature in nourishing and styling your hair as it leaves a spry fragrance.

5) Mint Marvel

Grind mint leaves in a food processor and squeeze in some lemon juice. Use this mixture on acne and blemish spots and rinse. It can be reapplied several times in a day till the acne spot is significantly reduced.

The astringent properties of mint combined with the anti-bacterial mild acid properties of lemon clear away oil and bacteria growth.

Adopt these natural beauty remedies and feel the change. With natural beauty remedies, get set to make your skin healthier and shinier.