The Changing Fashion Trends of Halloween -Nicole Richie

5 Changing Fashion Trends of Halloween: From S to S

Halloween costumes used to be a frightful sight to the faint hearted. Over the years, the frightfully spooky and scary characteristics of Halloween costumes and theme parties have diminished. The recent trend is that “spooky” is changing to seductive, breathtakingly beautiful, sexy and classy with a dash of spookiness or maybe no spookiness at all.

Classic Halloween costumes include the likes of Count Dracula, Casper, Frankenstein, Vampires, witches, wizards and famous characters from horror flicks that people donned with heavy and loud make-up with traces of red blood on the body to spruce up the fright factor. However, these classic Halloween costumes are being replaced with classy and stylish costumes.

In today’s scenario Halloween parties are based on “stylish, sexy and seductive” themes. Costumes like the naughty kitten, sultry girl-next-door, elegantly stylish women from classic English movies, the school girl, angels, princesses, brides and goddesses are kicking in and are becoming increasingly popular with each passing Halloween.

Celebrities’ Inspired Trend

Celebrities are seen donning sexy, pretty, comical and trendy costumes created their favourite fashion houses and designers. The trend to have a designer label on your Halloween costume is doing rounds and selling like hot cakes. It’s primarily about “who” you are wearing. And the focus on “what” you are wearing is secondary. Don’t we all want to imitate our favourite celebrity, look like them and dress like them. By following the trends set by them, the face of Halloween as we know it, is now changing.

Scary costumes have been brought down a notch by making Halloween costumes look pretty, classy, sexy, comical and elegantly fashionable. Let us take a closer look at these up and coming trends.

1. The Scary Ghosts and Monsters Transform into Beautiful Princesses and Brides

Watching the luxurious life of a princess on TV or in a movie rouses a girl’s fantasy like no other. Halloween gives you a chance to be a princess for the day by wearing a shiny crown with your hair rolled up, a splendid gown, elbow length gloves, precious jewels and elegant shoes. It’s like a dream come true to be dressed up so lavishly and you feel like you are living a fairytale for those few moments.  So who would want to dress up like a scary ghost if you could look charming like a beautiful princess?

Though the bridal costume has made rare appearances at Halloween parties before the royal wedding, the grand wedding gave this costume an impetus. A number of women who fell in love with Duchess Kate Middleton’s wedding ensemble have imitated her attire for Halloween. The concept of the bride or the bloody bride at Halloween makes it seem like the bride forgot her way to the chapel and ended up in a haunted house instead. A smart and unique idea, but it is slowly and surely becoming common.

2. The Scary Label-less Costume Turns Fashion Designed

The trend to wear a labelled dress was initiated by A list celebrities who wanted nothing but the best for Halloween, probably because they are constantly in the media glare. Fashion houses used this trend to their advantage by launching their line of Halloween costumes. Some fashion designers offer custom made Halloween outfits for celebrities.

Look at supermodel Heidi Klum’s Halloween costumes. Heidi’s costumes outdo every other costume on the planet. The supermodel goes through lengths of trouble to ensure that her elaborate costumes always stand out from the rest. Heidi Klum’s Cleopatra costume for the Halloween bash 2012 was designed by designer Vivienne Westwood.

 Labels like Dior and Coco Chanel have joined the league of creating custom made and exquisitely handcrafted Halloween costumes.

3. The Classy Twist Makes its Way to the Foyer

The long-sleeved coats, the white pearl necklaces and earrings, black stockings and heels and the unforgettable head gear is a classy way to imitate heroines from old English classics. Julie Andrews, Elizabeth Taylor and Audrey Hepburn, the legendary fashion icons of the 20th Century set trends back then that are impossible to resist even now. Of course, the out dated fashion could make us an object of ridicule in this day and age, but people surely won’t give you a funny stare decked up like this at a costume party.

Coco Chanel launched a line of Halloween costumes for Halloween 2012. We picked up this piece as a perfect example of transition from scary to classy. The little black Chanel dress, with the grey overcoat, pearl jewellery and a chain strap Chanel purse complete the classy and elegant look for Halloween.

 Celebrity Nicole Richie was seen in an Audrey Hepburn inspired outing at a friend’s Halloween bash. A very classy look indeed with the little black dress, pearl jewellery, dark shades and elbow length gloves!

4. The Object of Fright gets a comical counterpart

We would often see cartoon characters dressed in lavish costumes at birthday parties entertaining guests, but now we see them at Halloween too. Ditching scary Halloween costumes to play Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Minnie Mouse, Tom and Jerry, Popeye, Scooby Doo and so many more cartoon characters is now common. It’s the variety and liveliness that these costumes bring to the party that inspire a number of people to choose them. In a roomful of scary looking ghosts, zombies and witches, the funny colourful and vibrant character always stands out.

 5. The Scary Zombie Turned Sexy Goddess

A bit of skin show for Halloween won’t do any harm. Yes we are serious when we say a “bit” and nothing more than a bit. But sultry, sexy and sassy Halloween costumes are surely kicking in. Dresses are getting shorter, necklines are plunging even further and costumes are getting tighter. Sure there’s nothing scary about these costumes, but there’s nothing wrong in following a trend either.

A number of Halloween trends are slowly kicking in and creating a popular niche. However, some of us still prefer to stay rooted to our scary and spooky costumes and give people a fright.

Wear what you like the best. And you are sure you make heads turn.

Have a Happy Halloween 2012!