5 Dashing & Sexy Christmas Looks for Men

Now it’s not only women who have to and want to look pretty for Christmas. Men want to look dashing and handsome too. We understand that you men really get caught up in a tight spot when it comes to fashion. On one hand, you want to show the world that fashion is the least of your interests and on the other; you want to look really good.

So here are some tips from us to help you get that perfect masculine sex appeal for Christmas with 5 great looks you can choose from. So whether you’re going out to a Christmas party, a formal dinner, a meal with your family or some quality time with your lover, one of these looks is sure to work for you.

If you want to look fabulous this Christmas, we’re sure that our compilation on the Hottest Christmas Styles for men will help you accomplish just that and there will be fabulousness GUARANTEED!

1. Bright Colored Blazers

Who said that only women can pull off bright colors? Men sure can too. And bright colors really do look awesome on men because of the novelty and uniqueness of the look. Bright colored blazers like red, orange, yellow, green and blue, make a great choice for Christmas parties.

Blazer Trends

Bright colored blazers look great when paired with a white t-shirt or a white shirt with jeans or white pants and casual shoes.

2. Wrapped Around a Scarf

There’s no denying that scarves look great on men and they bring out a raw sex appeal that acts like a magnet for women. So if you are looking to make some new female friends, the scarf look is definitely a must try on your list.


The best part about a scarf is its versatility. It can be worn with anything and it can be worn in any color or print. And it can also be sported in any style, wrapped around your neck, left loose or it can be set onto your neck like a tie.

3. Waist Coats

Waist coats present you with a wide variety in casual styles as well as formal styles. Waist coats look really smart on men and they also make for a very stylish party look.

 Waist Coats Trends

Zac Efron’s and Justin Timberlake’s waistcoats look great for a casual party look. However, even though David Beckham has paired his formal waist coat with a casual looking shirt, it’s best you leave Beckham’s look to him and your formal waist coat for formal looks.

4. Cool Sweaters that keep you Warm

It is difficult to imagine Christmas without a sweater and it’s really difficult to keep warm in the chilly cold without a sweater, that makes a sweater a must wear on Christmas. But if you feel that wearing a sweater takes away from looking fabulous, then here are some looks we present you with that will help you look hot and cool in a warm sweater.

Sweater Trends

You can wear a long sleeves V neck sweater over a collared shirt or a t-shirt styled sweater or the latest trend, that is, tuxedo blazer styled sweater, which gives you the look of a tuxedo and the warmth of a sweater.

The look of a shirt with a sleeveless sweater is best kept for office and not for Christmas, no matter how fabulous your sweater looks.

5. Tuxedos

Have you stopped to ask yourself whether tuxedos ever go out of style? Well, we have the answer for you, they NEVER do. Tuxedos are the one outfit that a man can never go wrong with. A Tuxedo is classy, chic, ravishing and sexy all at the same time.

If you are attending a formal Christmas party or you are taking your woman to the Christmas dance, then, by wearing a tuxedo you’re sure to have all eyes glued on you and your manly sexy formal look.


Dear men, we hope that reading this article is surely going to make a difference (and a good one) to your Christmas look. And we also hope that you will incorporate some of these trends to look ravishing and hot. However, you don’t really have to follow fashion secret, the more open you are about it, the more women love you for it. But you do not really need to go overboard with displaying your affection for fashion trends. If you can carry an outfit with élan and if you’re comfortable in your skin then you’re sure to attract eyeballs.

Merry Christmas!