Office Wear Trends 2013

Make Monday to Friday the Best Days of the Week with these 5 Great Ensembles to Flaunt at the Workplace

Got Monday blues? Or Tuesday or Wednesday, Thursday and so on? We’ve got just the right medicine for you to feel better every day of the week. At times, it is merely lack of inspiration that makes the workplace a bit boring. And to turn things around; you could use a spoonful of fashion to bring glamor, fun and trendiness to work.

Spring 2013 brings along with it some great and fresh new trends. And who says all these trends are best kept for a Saturday night out? If only you could incorporate these trends in your office wear, you’ll look forward to work and going to the office!

So here’s your medicine and our guide to the five great ensembles to flaunt at the workplace in spring 2013. Make every day of the week a thrilling fashion experience with these awesome looks.

1. Monday

 Monday blues always bring with them dullness. You just pick up the nearest find in your wardrobe and get to work as quickly as you can to avoid being late. What you end up with is an awkward and clumsy looking woman staring hard right back at you in the mirror. Hence they call it the “Monday Blues.”

Imagine if you could simply skip all of it with a lovely outfit, how great that would be!

Get yourself a summery white dress and a beige blazer to go with it. Throw on some lovely neck accessories and earrings that match and slip into a chic pair of beige peep toe pumps. And that’s how you get rid of the Monday blues.

Office Wear Trends 2013

2. Tuesday

Office Wear Trends 2013

 It’s time for some bright colors and formal pants on Tuesday. What you need to make this ensemble work is a bright colored, long sleeved patterned top, body hugging formal trousers, a stylish belt and nude pumps.

You can keep the pumps, trousers and belt in a sober color and perk it up with a brightly colored printed top in red, blue, green, orange, yellow or pink.

3. Wednesday

 Wear an A-line skirt to work on Wednesday. It’s different from the usual pencil skirt and it still gives you a chic look.

Office Wear Trends 2013

This time, let the blouse be the sober one; like a black, brown or navy blue and let your skirt be its sassy and sexy companion in a brighter tone. Mustard yellow, red or green are some good alternatives you can go for. With a pair of ankle strap pumps and a stylish tote, you will be ready to take on Wednesday in style.

4. Thursday

If the work load through the week is weighing you down and you begin to feel the blues again, you can wake up a little late on Thursday and still keep it stylish with a “get up and go” dress.

Office Wear Trends 2013

A floral print knee length dress is perfect to nail this look. Simply pull it on, gather your hair into a pony tail, dab on some foundation and tangerine lipstick and slip into a pair of ballerinas and off to work you go.

Quick and stylish!

5. Friday

The end of the week calls for the cherry on top look. You have to nail this one and try your best to do so. Who knows someone might just want to take you out on a Friday night after work and you’ve got to be ready for it.

Since we’re in the season of spring, the best Friday outfit would have to be something floral and something very feminine.

Office Wear Trends 2013

You can opt for a floral skirt and a casual long sleeved tee. Accessorize heavily with necklaces, rings, bangles and earrings, bring on a pair of wedges and you’re set.

It’s fashion fully loaded at the workplace from Monday to Friday. So get ready to bowl people over in the boardroom and make your cubicle the hottest corner of the office.