Menswear Trends 2013

5 Menswear Trends You Should Not Ignore if You Want to be Stylish in 2013

All you guys, cheer up. If you have a constant complaint that no one bothers about giving you fashion tips and advice, you can stop right now. For, you are at the right place to know all about the latest menswear trends for 2013.

Yes, it is true that women’s fashion perhaps gets greater media attention and is more popular. But men’s fashion trends are no less demanding. If you want to be a stylish and suave gentleman about town, you had better keep an eye on what is trendy in the world of men’s fashion. Ignorance is not an excuse. In fact, in the cold, cruel world of fashion, it never was.

Top Menswear Fashion Trends 2013

 1.  Meggings Trends 2013

Something new emerged in the runways of Milan in the 2013 fashion trends – ‘Meggings” or ‘Male Leggings’. Straight cut and slim fitting, the meggings are less formal than trousers and more formal than denims. And from the looks of it, they appear extremely comfortable. Armani showcased this trend in Milan. And models paired the meggings with regular tops- shirts, jackets and vests and so can you. So how about trying something new this New Year? Are you up to it?

Menswear Trends 2013

2. Classic Black and White Look 2013

Dolce & Gabbana presented an interesting take on the classic black and white look at the Milan Fashion Week, where the theme was ‘Devotion’. The look comprised formal trousers paired with casual T-shirts with round neck, contrast piping on the neck line and long fitted sleeves tucked in. The highlight of the collection of course was the prints on the T-shirts. Even if you don’t fancy such obvious ‘devotional’ elements in your wardrobe, you can still don this look, by simply altering the print. All in all, it is an elegant, yet not too formal look.

 Menswear Trends 2013

 3.  Vibrant Overcoat Trends 2013

The autumn winter 2013/2014 trends in men’s outer wear focused on vibrant overcoats. Length up to the knees, and embellished with bold buttons, these overcoats were part of the Gucci collection. The colors remained vibrant including bright blue, military green and a mellow mustard. Certainly, classic white could not be left out, could it? Collar designs included wide lapels too, which added an elegant touch to the ensemble.

 Menswear Trends 2013

 4. Perfectly Tailored Look 2013

There was a time when the bohemian unkempt look was cool. You could actually get away with not bothering to dress well. Not so anymore, at least in 2013. 2013 menswear trends are focused on a well tailored, perfectly fitted elegant look. Almost reminiscent of officers’ uniforms. This trend was particularly visible in the Paris Fashion Week in the Dior Homme Collection. So boys, it is time to look sharp and dapper in 2013.


5. Dominant Grey Trends

Several of the fashion bigwigs showcased dominant grey tones in their autumn winter 2013/2014 collections for men. This trend was seen particularly in the Neil Barrett, Brioni and Ermenegildo Zegna collections. While the trend was mostly head to toe in grey, the contrast was created using different textures with a splash of white, black, or cream in the ensemble. This trend was also showcased in the Berlin Fashion Week at the Sissi Goetze 2013/2014 autumn winter collection. This is the look below.


So overall, it appears that 2013 is more of a formal looking year in fashion. Of course you can still wear your denims and tees, but if you are looking to making the right impression on the right people at the right time, don’t miss out on these menswear 2013 trends.