The Top 5 Gloves that you MUST BUY This Winter

5 Most Stylish Gloves you MUST BUY This Winter

Some trends dominate the fashion scene for years, while some disappear quicker than they made an appearance. However, there are a certain items that we use on and off and it fails to cross our minds that these essentials are fashion accessories too.

Let’s take gloves for example. If we asked you to define what gloves are, then you would probably state that they keep your hands and fingers warm during the chilly winters. Well you’re not wrong but how about defining gloves as a fashion accessory?

This winter, let’s ditch the dark coloured woollen mitts that sat in our closet all year long waiting for the daylight of winter and switch to fashionable gloves. Just like you wear nail polishes, rings, bracelets and bangles to grace your hands, let gloves add a fashion quotient to your hands this winter.

Check out the 5 most stylish gloves that you must buy, must have and must wear to look glamorous all through the winter months.

1. Bow Tie Gloves 2012

Add a feminine touch to your gloves this winter with these lovely lilac gloves embedded with bows on them. You can look for colours which you feel will match with your apparels and stay warm and feminine, all in the same. These gloves look best in light sober shades as they bring out their feminine appeal.

2. Leather & Fur Gloves 2012

Leather and fur gloves are a must have for leather and fur lovers. Combine both your favourites in one and stay stylishly warm in these.

3. Animal Print Mittens 2012

If you love animal print leggings, trousers, dresses, shirts, then you’ll surely love these. Animal Print Mittens, made of artificial fur, are in vogue for 2012, just like everything else in animal prints is in vogue. You have to make this number one on your “TO BUY” list for winter 2012.

4. Zipped Hand Warmers 2012

Zipped Hand warmers are in for winter 2012. They’re made out of wool and are dual coloured to help the zip stand out in contrast to the colour of the wool. A very trendy and perky choice and a must have pair for those of you who want to keep your style youthful and trendy.

5. Rainbow Coloured Mittens 2012

Rainbow coloured mittens, gloves and hand warmers make for a great choice of gloves on days when your outfit spells sober. Spruce up the colours on you and appear vibrantly stylish with rainbow coloured gloves this winter.

We hope you’re taking all our fashion advice and gearing up in style to embrace the winter looking beautiful and fashionable. Always remember you cannot just depend on one piece of clothing or a single accessory to look great, it’s always a combination of many great things which we help you choose wisely and stay stylish.