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5 Of Kate Middleton’s Unforgettable Outfits On Significant Occasions (From Reiss)

Are you completely obsessed by your Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton’s outfits, her shoes, her hairstyles and every fashion statement she makes?

But have you noticed that she seems to be obsessed with the high street fashion brand, Reiss? Today, we are going to take you through some of Kate’s most stylish and elegant coats, belts and dresses from Reiss.

 Kate Middleton’s outfits from Reiss

1) Kate’s outfit on her trip to National Football Centre St George’s Park

Let’s press the rewind button and take you back to a little less than 2 weeks. Kate Middleton dressed herself in steel grey Reiss coat for a trip to the new National Football Centre St George’s Park.

Kate kept the collar up so as to ensure the cold winds stay away. She paired it with black ankle boots, black tights as well as a clutch in black color.

The experimentative fashion diva that she is, Kate used a belt so as to highlight her waist. This is one of her favorite Reiss belts from Autumn 2009. The outfit is one of Kate’s typical signature look with a well-designed coat flaring into a skirt and the use of belt that emphasizes her waist.

2) Kate’s 1st public speech

On her 1st ever public speech, Kate wore a Reiss dress in blue with black belt and black heels. Incidentally, her mother wore this dress before.

3) Kate’s trip to the Unicef center, Copenhagen

In November 2011, Kate went to Denmark with William in order to increase awareness about the famine in east Africa. The duo’s trip to the Unicef center in Copenhagen facilitated in raising donations worth £1million in just 1 day. Well that’s the power of this beautiful Duchess.

To keep chilly winds at bay, Kate chose to wear a bold red overcoat. How could she miss her trademark style? Any guesses?

Yes, you got that right! She used a Reiss belt to focus all the attention on her waist. She simply loves highlighting her waist.

By the way, if you’re planning to get yourself this stylish belt, please do so, because it is quite reasonably priced at £69. OK well, not too cost-effective but not too expensive either. Come on you can treat yourself with it. You deserve the best!

4) Kate’s 1st royal tour

Kate’s outfits during her 1st royal tour in July 2011 were a huge sensation. And her attire on Canada Day is definitely one of the most unforgettable ones.

Queen of outfit theming, Kate teamed up her Reiss Nanette outfit with red heels, raffia clutch in red artwork and a red hat with Canada’s symbol in a bid to honor Canada’s national colors.

5) Kate’s 1st official meet with Michelle Obama

Although Michelle Obama is growing to be a fashion American idol however our lady Kate definitely gives every fashion star a run for their money. And she did the same during her first official meet with America’s First Lady after being sworn in as the Duchess of Cambridge.

At this Buckingham Palace do, Kate wore a nude Shola dress by Reiss. She looked gorgeous in this knee length dress with cap sleeves.

Kate very well knows the art of turning every outfit into a happening one.

She has an incredible ability for outfit theming. She has never been afraid of experimenting with her outfits. And Kate always amazes fashion critics, fashionistas and you and me.

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