Step out in Style with your Neck Wrapped around the Trendiest Scarves for 2012 - Scarves

Step out in Style with your Neck Wrapped around 5 of the Trendiest Scarves for 2012

Winter is not only about sheathing yourself from the chilly weather. If you want to keep looking trendy and stylish throughout the year, winter calls for sheathing yourself in style.

If you feel that combating yourself against the chill and being stylish at the same time is an impossible task, then you need to think again. Day in and out, trends grow and winter lets you don scarves, gloves, hats, jackets, trench coats, boots and so many more apparels in style.

Your favourite winter accessories keep getting trendier and stylish by the day. The scarf, for example, may seem like a small and rather insignificant winter accessory, but take it from us; this very scarf can transform your look entirely. While a scarf is warm and cosy, it is also very chic and stylish to complement your look. So stock up on scarves this winter 2012 and to help you choose the trendiest ones, here’s a bit of help from us.

1. Snoods 2012

Snoods are knitted woollen scarves that can be draped around your neck and worn over your hair. You can also choose to just drape it around your neck without letting it go over your head like Jessica Alba below. A tip from us, try imagining Jessica without the scarf. The chic factor decreases doesn’t it? There, you have yourself a good reason why you must wear a scarf.

2. Fur Scarves 2012

While animal lovers may disagree with fur scarves, you may rest your disagreements because we totally advocate artificial fur. Fur provides warmth like no other material in the winter months and has been in vogue since time immemorial. Fur scarves provide you with an ample variety of colours to choose from. So, stay stylish this winter with a fur scarf to adorn your neck.

3. Leather Scarves 2012

If you can have leather jackets, why can’t you have its counterpart in the form of a leather scarf? Well, you sure can and you can also look really stylish and edgy in one. While you may be restrained in terms of colours of leather scarves, you can always find stylish ways to pair them up with clothes that make you look trendy and modern. Bring out the strong, confident and wild woman in you with a leather scarf for winter 2012.

4. Silk Scarves 2012

If you want to experiment with colours and designs then silk scarves are a must have for you. Silk scarves are the most feminine. You can knot these around your neck or simply drape them, leaving the ends hanging along the length of your body and you’ll have yourself a chic, stylish and feminine woman staring back at you in the mirror.


 5. Branded Scarves 2012

You can’t really wear a scarf in the months of summer and spring and since scarves are merely a one season display, it makes perfect sense to go all out and wear only the best. Show off the most glorious brands like Armani, Zara, Dior and so many more with the scarves you drape around you this winter. Prints of logos on the material of the scarf are very popular.

Let winter see you dressed in the best of clothes, jackets, boots, sweater, coats and of course scarves. Keep it stylish and stay warm and trendy all in the same with the best of scarves this winter.