Feminine is Fashionable: Look Trendy and Sexy in Summer 2013 with these 5 Outfit Ideas: Don’t Miss them

As the International Woman’s Day (March 8th) approaches, it is time to celebrate ‘being a woman’ like never before. The androgyny trend that was popular some seasons back has given way to ultra feminine trends in summer 2013.

These are trends that make you feel, sexy, stylish and sophisticated. These are the trends that make you feel deeply thankful that you are a woman.

As we always reiterate in these pages, fashion is not always about impressing others. Fashion is also about (sometimes more so) making a good impression on yourself, feeling good about yourself and increasing your self confidence.


These sexy feminine trends for summer 2013 create precisely such a feeling.

Feminine Fashion Trends for Summer 2013

1.  Sexy Sheer for Summer 2013

Sheer is always sexy as it works on the principle of revealing more (skin) while making an attempt to hide. With sheer, remember it is nice to be naughty.

In summer 2013, sheer trends have been practically reinvented to create flattering silhouettes that further enhance the sexy look. Moreover, taking inspiration from the popular color blocking trend, sheer elements in outfits were blocked with patterned elements in bold colors. The result- stunning, spectacular and sophisticated.


Don’t you agree?

2.  Lovely Lace for Summer 2013

Ah..lovely lace! Nothing represents delicate femininity better than lace. Lace embellishments on dresses have always been in vogue. But in summer 2013, the entire outfit goes lacy. Can you imagine the impact of a 100% lace ensemble? The looks and effects are very versatile.

There are demure lace frocks that will create a breathtakingly beautiful you and there are lace dresses interwoven with sheer elements to create sensual and sexy you. Dear lady, which one will be your lace look?

Classic black and white options are trendy in 2013, as are varying shades of blue. In summer 2013 fashion, lace is definitely an ace.


3.  Flirty Frills for Summer 2013

Get flirty with your frills this summer. Moving away from the monopoly of 4-6-year old girls who play ‘pretend princess’ in frilly frocks, frills are ‘big’ in mainstream women’s outfits in summer 2013. Perhaps the frills are not as exaggerated as in the children’s dresses, the cuts are definitely sharper. But there is no denying their perfect fall and exquisite feminine appeal.

Here are the looks showcased by Prabal Gurung, Gucci, Balenciaga, and Peter Pilotto.


While all other designs are overtly feminine, Gucci has interestingly introduced frills in a seemingly androgynous outfit. What do you feel? Do you think this creative risk has worked out well?

4.  Vibrant, Vivacious and Varied for Summer 2013

Summer 2013 is the time to bring out those vibrant colors from the wardrobe and bring out the vivacious you hiding within. Dolce and Gabbana presented as inspired Summer 2013 collection that showcased outfits in multiple colors and various eye catching designs. Though the outfits by themselves were extremely pretty, the oomph factor climbed up several notches due to the huge dangling colored earrings and matching bandanas.


Dolce & Gabbana reiterates what we always say- fashion is not about any one element, but it is the coming together of various carefully put together elements to create a cohesive and comprehensive look.

5. Luxurious Leather for Summer 2013

Well leather is not really a summer fabric, but leather outfits are in vogue in summer 2013. And to make them perfect for summer, the best way to wear leather is short, shorter and even shorter. No prizes for guessing what that does to the temperature around you (Er..it shoots up in case you are wondering). Here are some of the leather looks showcased on runways for summer 2013.


So which feminine style are you going to adopt in summer 2013?