What Not To Wear At a Wedding - Torn Jeans

Your ultimate guide to 5 outfits that You should never Wear To A Wedding

Weddings are probably the happiest occasions to celebrate love and joy. Weddings possess a charm of grandeur and manage to stay etched into the memories of the attendees for a lifetime. This is why weddings call for the best look you could ever imagine. You make one wrong move with your style for a wedding and you go down in history as the fashion disaster at Mr. X and Mrs. Y’s big day.

Sure we cannot match up to the exceptionally dressed bride and groom but we sure can complement them by putting on our best. We don’t attend weddings every day and this is probably one reason why we should be dressed at our best whenever we do.

Here’s a guide of what you should NOT, NEVER, EVER wear to a wedding. All you need to do is keep these 5 looks in mind that spell DISASTER;  avoid choosing these apparels to be worn to a wedding and you’ll be in safe territory.

1. Skimpy Clothes

Anything that’s too revealing, too short and too tight is a complete no-no for a wedding and a show of lingerie is sure to get you in a deep soup. Remember that you are going to grace somebody else’s wedding and not end up with proposals for yourself on account of your skimpy outfit. You wouldn’t want to steal the focus of the bride and groom and probably the only focus you will be able to gain is that of your notoriety. While you can keep the skimpy clothes for after the wedding, you can opt for something more elegant to wear to the wedding.

2. Over the Top Outfits

Anything that makes you look like the wedding cake or a stage performer should be avoided at weddings. You wouldn’t want people to have you mistaken for anything else besides a wedding guest. Wearing something over the top may even have you mistaken for the wedding cake and to avoid being cut to pieces, avoid wearing loud clothes.

3. Jeans

We love jeans for its versatility, but wearing a pair of jeans to a wedding will make you seem like the poor little girl whose wardrobe fell prey to theft and couldn’t afford an appropriate outfit for the wedding. Now you surely wouldn’t wanna be that poor little girl, would you?


4. The Conservative Pant Suit

Pant suits are best kept for formal business and office meetings. A wedding is a place to have fun, let your hair down, meet family, friends and new people. You wouldn’t wanna be dressed looking the boss who knows not how to have fun or the girl who was forced to attend this wedding or even somebody who forgot there was a wedding and turned up straight from work.

5. White Outfits that resemble the Bride’s Attire

Why would you want to steal a bride’s thunder on her big day? Even if you are an arch rival, the poor bride has spent months preparing for her big day and you can’t ruin it for her with just one small move of wearing a dress that resembles hers. While we do hope we haven’t given you any ideas, remember that wearing a white dress to someone else’s wedding won’t really win you any appreciation. Snide comments, yes; compliments, NO!

So we do hope you will bear in mind these outfits that are a complete no-no at weddings and play it safe and stylish and give people a chance to remember you for your fabulous clothes at a certain wedding and not remember you for the disaster you turned up as.

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