Rings Trends 2013

5 Rings Trends in 2013- Circles of Love and Circles of Style

Rings are perhaps the only jewelry pieces that elicit wide ranging reactions. As fashion accessories, you perhaps don’t pay much attention to them. You would much rather invest in a pair of earrings or neckpieces because they are more visible.

But the moment the rings under discussion are ‘engagement’ rings, they suddenly become the focus of discussion excluding everything else.

In 2013, amazing trends have been reveled in rings fashion. And we are talking stylish rings – both for regular wear and as engagement rings. Rings fashion in 2013 are circles of love that are also circles of style.

Rings Trends for 2013

1.  Full Finger Rings Trend 2013

While ring bands have their own special place (think eternity bands and wedding bands), an innovative rings trend for summer 2013 is the full finger ring. Covering an entire finger, these rings are available in intricate designs and can jazz up your look. One of the best ways to attract attention to your fingers is with the full finger ring. There is just so much of it that people can’t fail to notice.


2. Skinny Knuckle Rings Trends 2013

Thin bands of rings with ‘interesting’ design motifs will be a rage in 2013. Part of their charm of course is the fact they are knuckle rings. Used to always wearing rings at the base of the finger, you will have to fight the temptation to keep pushing these rings down. And the best way to wear the knuckle rings is to stack them up. Go for a truly bohemian look with the knuckle finger rings fashion in 2013.

Rings Trends 2013

3. Fingernails Rings Trends 2013

This trend moves few notches above the knuckle finger rings trends quite literally. As the name suggests, these are rings that sit snugly on your fingernails, creating an edgy and modern look. The designs to choose from are aplenty. You either opt for designs studded with gemstones or stick to plain solids, whatever your favorite.

Rings Trends 2013

4. Stone Rings Trends 2013

Rings in colored stones have always been popular. Besides bestowing a royal look, you have the opportunity to color coordinate your outfit with your ring. And as we never tire of repeating in these pages, fashion, even finger ring fashion is all about details.

At the Golden Globes read carpet, Jennifer Lopez and Claire Danes took the stone rings trend a notch higher by wearing multiple stone studded finger rings. And of course, the stones were coordinated with the outfits.

Rings Trends 2013

5. Engagement Rings Trends 2013

While discussing rings trends, it is unthinkable that engagement rings trends would not be covered. In 2013, these ‘circles of love’ are most fashionable in diamond. After all, diamonds are a girl’s best friend.

One of the most stylish engagement rings to flaunt in 2013 is the ‘halo’ style ring, set in a cushion pattern with the diamond sparkling radiantly in the centre.

Rings Trends 2013

With such a darling engagement ring, no girl would have the heart to refuse the proposal. Boys, are you listening?