5 Tips to Help You Photograph Fashion Your Way


Just talking about fashion isn’t enough these days,  not when we’re dealing with a highly visual culture. Whether you’re a professional blogger or an amateur that loves to share their inspired outfits with the world, uploading blurry, haphazard photos to your website or blog isn’t going to cut it. I am by no means a professional, and I am always super appreciative when professionals share their style savvy photography tips. A great shot is more than just getting the light right, it’s also about determining whether or not the outfit you’re wearing is actually photograph friendly. Sometimes, we’ll look at an outfit on the hanger, or in a mirror and it looks great to us, but in a photograph, it’s not conveying the image we want to it to. So as long as you’re prepared for some trial and error, and you don’t mind being your own guinea pig, I’ve got a few tips that will help you create fabulous style photos.

1) Equipment


Before you get your outfit ironed out, you’ve got to sort out what you need! You can go out and purchase the most expensive camera possible, but a great photo is not going to take itself. If you’re a burgeoning amateur photographer, you may want to go out and spend some money on a DSLR. But for the rest of us who want to focus on the subject our photos, the fashion, a really great point-and-shoot digital camera will do, and a tripod. An iPhone selfie is great in a pinch, but you’re not going to pick up on all the detailing in your outfit.

2) Go Off the Beaten Path

Whether you’re blogging for your own enjoyment or you’ve got a gig working for someone else, your job is to keep your audience interested. There are millions of photos out there of fashionistas strutting their stuff down the street, and that’s all well and relevant, but mix it up a little. Your photos shouldn’t just be an expression of what you’re wearing, they should express your art, so find a creative canvas to work with.

3) Work Your Best Angle


Look, we all have a good side, and a not so good side, well, unless you’re a supermodel and then we dare you to find a bad side! For the normal folks out there, there will always be something we don’t like about ourselves. Remember, you’re trying to accentuate the best part of your outfit, so find funky ways to pose, even if you have to get a little uncomfortable!

4) Accentuate Movement


We move in clothes, right? Shots that show movement usually garner the most attention. Find somewhere to prop your camera, press the timer, and practice doing shots that involve movement. Walk down stairs, twirl, dance, just move, and worry about what it looks like in your small screen later, that’s what photoshop is for! As long as it’s not so blurry that you can’t see detailing in the outfit, you’ve just created one fabulous shot!

5) The Devil’s in the Details


Yes, the whole piece is important, but not as important as the detailing. Whether you’re wearing a sensual slip dress or  a ga-ga worthy pair of funky wedges, there will be aspects of the piece that make it unique, so make sure to take close up photos of these details!