5 Trendy & Sexy Henna Designs in 2013 for Hands, Back, Navel & More

Have you always wanted to embellish your body with a tattoo, but felt too afraid to go under a needle? Or did the possibility of being scarred for life scare you?


While you may want a particular art tattooed on your body at some point of your life, that art may not seem as appealing to you at some other point in time? Then what do you do?

 If you are looking for something temporary, one of the best options available to all you pretty ladies out there is using henna to adorn parts of your body (hands, legs, shoulders, back and navel).

Designs can be traced out on your body using henna and while henna designs may not possess the wild traits attached with a tattoo, these designs add to your beauty and elegance. The art of applying henna is a very feminine feature.

 Since ancient times, henna has been used to decorate the bodies of young women to mark festivals, holiday celebrations, social festivities and marriages. Henna designs have also stood as symbols of a woman’s fertility. Today, the application of henna has gained immense popularity as a fashion statement.

Compiled for you are a number of henna designs that you can try out to add a finishing touch to your fashion in the upcoming year, 2013.

 Henna Designs 2013:

1) Creeper Style Henna Designs 2013

Take floral designs to a new level this year by tracing out creepers and vines that begin from your fingertips and make their way up right up till your elbow. You can use variations in leaf patterns such as the creeper wrapping around your hand.

2) The Garland Style Henna Designs 2013

Adorn your hand with a garland by trying out this lovely design which will certainly be a hot pick for henna designs for 2013. Imagine a garland hung across a picture frame and visualise it as an outline on your hand.

You can trace an inseparable line of flowers across your hand, beginning at your finger tips to emulate this lovely pattern. Variations in the flower patterns or a repetitive flower pattern as per your choice can add to the elegance of this design.

3) Animal Silhouette-Inspired Henna Designs 2013

Instead of tracing out tried and tested henna designs of floral and abstract patterns, animal silhouettes are a must try for 2013. Be adventurous and trace a snake winding itself around your hand or perhaps a bird in flight. You can also opt for imaginary creatures like unicorns or make up your own fictional creature like a fish with wings or a lion with feathers on its body, as per your taste.

4) Splash of Colours-Inspired Henna Designs 2013

Integrating artificial colour into your henna design brightens up the overall look of the design. While the natural colour of the henna can be dominant either as an outline or filled up into an outline, artificial colours like red, blue and orange make the design stand out.

The uniqueness that a multi-coloured henna design brings with it makes it a popular design for 2013. If you are planning on trying out some of these designs, you will simply fall in love with the look a colourful design gives you.

5) Forearm Henna Designs 2013

Forearm henna designs are an Arabic feature and will be very much in vogue in 2013. As compared to henna designs that are usually drawn to adorn the palm, designs on the forearm can be created to give the look and feel of a tattoo. While you can opt for traditional floral and abstract elements, you can also try out unique and modern prints such as birds designs.

So you now have a number of unique henna design ideas that you can try out in 2013 to make your henna design stand out from the rest.

Rest assured that no matter what you choose, each of these designs will bring an exquisite elegance to your look.