2012 Hat Trends

5 Trendy Winter Hats for a Fashionable Warm Winter

Sadly, the low dropping temperatures are already part of the freezing December scenery, and for as much as we would love to keep ignoring them, there comes a point when such wishful thinking becomes practically impossible. The winter season is all about making the most out of layers and bringing the comfortable clothes out of the closets. But of course, no winter outfit would ever be complete without a pair of warm gloves, a knitted scarf or a cozy hat. Sometimes, we tend to leave all of those behind out of fear of not looking stylish enough. Because fashion will always win against comfort.

But braving the cold in style is not all that impossible when we choose our accessories carefully. Some trendy winter hats for example, would make our daily winter adventures a lot more bearable. And aside from keeping us warm and protecting us form the cold, they can turn into effective styling items able to add new fashion dimensions to our daily outfits. Read all about our favorite trendy winter hats and don’t be afraid to add a little bit of comfort to your winter wardrobe.

beanie is a trendy winter hats

01. The Boyfriend Beanie. This super comfortable, versatile and fun hat made for a huge comeback this season, and it’s ready to infuse your wardrobe with a little bit of edge. All the girls seem to have fallen in love with the quirky accessory that features a faux fur pom pom and a chunky knit base. Easy to style, either with feminine garments or laid-back attires, this winter hat will serve for exciting new ways of accessorizing your winter wardrobe. It’s up to you to brave the cold looking absolutely in control. Brand: Asos

boyfriend beanie is one of our trendy winter hats

02. The Knit Bear Beanie. Well, it doesn’t necessarily has to be a bear, it could just as easily be a cute cat or a lovely bunny. The main idea is to have fun with your hats this winter and to incorporate some of the animal trends going on at the moment into your wardrobe, but in fun and unconventional ways. Totally unexpected, this chunky knit design looks delightfully fresh, but still cool and right on trend. Just picture yourself wearing this hat during your first day of snow and you’ll get our enthusiasm. Brand: Asos

knit bear beanie is one of our trendy winter hats

03. The Faux Fur Cossack Hat. For a far more elegant and feminine approach, stands this furry sensation, ready to add some excitement to your cozy winter looks. The faux fur cossack hat features a soft crown and would look absolutely wonderful paired with warm chunky knits and some cool-looking leather boots. Mixing a timeless elegance with the current day trends, this hat is set to make a long-lasting impression all throughout the cold season. Brand: Asos

faux fur cossack is one of our trendy winter hats

04. The Felt Cap. Envisioned for the tough, edgy and bold girl, the felt cap is one of the most cool accessories that winter brought along. Featuring a domed crown and a curved peak, this winter hat looks effortlessly cool and would definitely make for a loud statement. Going hand in hand with the trendy parkas, the oversized knits and the leather accents, the felt cap could easily turn into a must-have accessory this season. And the winter days are just settling in. Brand: Asos.

felt cap is one of our trendy winter hats

05. The Mongolian Earmuffs. For all the girls that just can’t stand hats for whatever reasons, the earmuffs come as the closest solution to braving the winter and protecting themselves from the cold for as much as possible. The Mongolian earmuffs look utterly feminine and cute, and they feature a leather-wrapped headband embellished by oversized faux fur fluffy earmuffs. Fun, easy and comfortable, there’s no denying in the fact that this earmuffs make for an exciting trend fit for an adventurous winter. Brand: Asos