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5 Unique Hair Colors You’ll Want To Try

“Life is too short to have boring hair.”

Sooo… this may or may not have been seen on a Pinterest board. The truth behind it stands, though. And, for the most part, girls and women everywhere tend to agree. Some would even dare to try these unique hair colors themselves. The truth is that the choice of rocking an unusual color comes down to whether or not it’s suitable for the workplace environment.

unique hair colors

So, quickly! Consider if you could wear a crazier color yourself – after seeing the images below, we can’t guarantee you won’t speed dial your colorist.

1. The Coolest Color: Blue

An intense, bold shade of blue might be just what you need to get you out of daily routine. Trends seem to favor the pastel shades more, but fear not: intense blue-colored hair looks more fun and flirty.

Pair it with: If you’re going for contrast, your best bets are red or orange clothes. Better yet, choose a monochrome outfit (black or grey) and add a pop of orange. You will light up the city with your look!

2. The Color Of Love: Pink

Pink has long been in the top most wanted unique hair colors. The reason is simple: it is a feminine color that is super-versatile. Whenever you choose a hot pink shade or a light, pastel pink, one thing’s for sure: you’ll LOVE it!

Pair it with: You can either go for color-coordination, and wear a top in a similar hue, or go for complete contrast (think: mint) and allow the color to stand out by itself. Perfect!

3. The Magical Color: Purple

The color of royalty, magic and mystery, purple can look particular stunning on brunettes. A subtle ombre or bright purple hair will always make an impression. As for lighter skin tones, the impossibly chic pastel shades of purple reign supreme. So cool!

Pair it with: White tops will help any shade of purple hair stand out. Remember: purple hair will heavily contrast with any shade of yellow clothing, so choose wisely.

4. The Shiniest Color: Silver

You don’t have to wait until you’re sixty to enjoy a full head of silver hair. Out of all the unique hair colors, this might actually be the most natural one – if it weren’t for the age factor. Regardless, silver hair can look superb on the younger generation, provided it’s done properly. As with a blonde dye, consider your skin tone. You wouldn’t want it to be in sharp contrast to the hair.

Pair it with: As it is a rather neutral color, silver hair pretty much goes with any other colors under the sun and looks especially lovely with a white top. Chic!

5. One Of Each, Please:

Multi-Colored, Rainbow Hair

Last, but certainly not least, multi-colored hair is the most creative choice out of all of these unique hair colors. And there are A LOT of options! From wild mixes of blue and green to violet and blue, from orange and pink to teal and purple, they are all like colorful candy.

Pair it with: With such a wild mix of colors, you’ll probably want to keep the rest of your outfit toned down and neutral. Blacks, whites and greys will be your best friends if you want to showcase your beautiful unicorn hair. After all, such a blend of unique hair colors should be celebrated, over and over again.