Extra Terrestrial Halloween Costumes - Aliens

Bring the Galaxy to Life with these 5 Unique Halloween Costumes

Throwing a party this Halloween but still faced with the dilemma of not having a theme? Or have you been brainstorming to come up with a fabulously unique costume idea, which you feel no one has even done before, but have nothing yet? Well then here is a little help from us. We hope you enjoy the creativity we bring to you, in this list compiled especially for you.

Your Halloween party invitation cards would read, “Let’s bring the galaxy to my home this Halloween.” Or if you are going to one such party or one where being unique will win you accolades, let your costume theme be this: “bringing the galaxy home.”

Costume ideas for this theme would include dressing up as extra terrestrial characters or objects from outer space such as the moon, stars, sun, asteroids and comets, which you can custom-make yourself. Here are some crazy ideas you can use to dazzle your friends and family this Halloween.

1) Aliens

You can bring E.T. to this party with you, but dressing up like him is sure to be one difficult task. The best part about your decision to dress up like an alien for Halloween is that you can experiment with your look. Though TV shows and movies have given us a rough idea of what aliens might look like if they ever existed, you can experiment with your own imagination and come up with brilliant and unique ideas to add zing to that alien outfit.

You can don a “Martian” look with a mask and long cape or you can look cute and trendy dolled up as “Galaxy Girl” in a short blue and silver dress, with a silver hair wig and antenna to complete your look.

 2) The Moon

You can custom create this costume and go dressed like the moon. All you will need is some stationery to prepare the curve of the moon and fit it around your body. You can cover yourself up with a black t-shirt, jeans and boots or stockings with stars on them.

 In a similar way that the moon is created, you can also make a shapeless asteroid, meteoroid or any other planet. Or you can simply bowl everyone over by fitting into this globe; hey the earth is part of the galaxy too, isn’t it?


3) The Sun

Look all shiny and radiant as the sun with this simple costume that you can make out of cloth and/or paper. You can stitch the circular centre out of cloth so that it holds on to your body. You can then use paper and cut out triangular shapes to resemble the rays of the sun jutting out from the circle. Don this look and let the party (literally) revolve around you.


4) The Star

Twinkle Twinkle little star, everybody knows what you are. Be the star of the party in this star costume. This is one costume that you can go looking for if you do not have the time to do it yourself. You can dazzle in gold or silver, with some shiny dust sprinkled on you and sparkle your way through the party

5) The Comet

Look like a gleaming tail of fire shooting across the sky by donning this comet costume. You can pull off this look with an orange pointed hat, orange body suit and a golden flaming cape with tassels sticking out the end.

 Let your imagination run wild as you choose to be any of the above characters from outer space. We’re sure you will be a sensation at the party.