blazers summer 2013 trends

5 Ways to Make Blazers Look Cool and Hot in Sweltering Summer 2013

A blazer adds a certain style quotient to your overall ensemble. Period. Whether it is a casual chic look or a more formal, sophisticated look, the right blazer can help you achieve the look with ease. And of course in winter, the blazer gives you the added advantage of protection from the cold.

blazers summer 2013 trends

But what of summer? Are blazers incongruous in summer? Do you have to give up this stylish piece of clothing come summer?

Well the answer is no. You can continue to use blazers in summer safely without making a fashion bloomer. However, how you wear them is important. After all, you want the blazer to make you look cool and not like a fool.

Here are five ways to make blazers look cool in summer 2013.

1.  Opt for Sleeveless Blazers

Going sleeveless is the best way to combat summer heat. Big fashion labels like Versace, Jil Sander and Givenchy had the same idea and showcased sexy, sleeveless blazers on the runway for spring summer 2013. If you are wondering how exactly to sport this trend, here are a few looks you can learn from.

(a) Oversize Sleeveless Blazers for a Formal Look

Take a cue from the Jil Sander and Givenchy collections. Pair your dark hued (read navy blue, black) blazers with formal trousers and work shirts to create a formal look fit for office. Both fashion labels also experimented with an all-white look that looked dapper and elegant.

blazers summer 2013 trends

Givenchy also paired the blazers with oversize shorts. Not a practical way to wear blazers to work, don’t you agree?

blazers summer 2013 trends

(b) Colorful Sleeveless Blazers for a Casual Look

For a completely cool and casual look, you cannot go wrong by opting for colorful sleeveless blazers showcased by Versace. Available in bright neon colors, team them up with cargos, jeans or even printed pants for a cool look that is sure to send temperatures soaring.

blazers summer 2013 trends

Also on the ramps were the formal ‘short suit’ looks with sleeveless blazers. Would you dare to wear this look to work?

2.  Ladies, Get Sexy and Sizzling with Your Blazers in Summer 2013

Summer is the time for midriff baring outfits and short shorts. Pair these dress options with a blazer to look stylish and sexy. DKNY and Charlotte Ronson showcased similar looks at the New York Fashion Week. Alexander Wang chose to go with an oversize white blazer. However the innovative cut outs in the dress ensured that the sizzle quotient of the overall look remained high.

blazers summer 2013 trends

3. The Professional White Blazer Look in Summer 2013

You cannot go wrong with white. Put on a fun white blazer over your skirts or dress and viola- the transformation into a woman who means business is unmistakable. Take a cue from Carolina Herrera’s Spring 2013 collection.

blazers summer 2013 trends

Don’t miss the black ribbing on the blazer which adds the extra element of style and sophistication.

4. Stick with Solid Color Blazers for Summer 2013

Sticking a basic solid color like black is always advantageous. Besides the slimming effect of black, you know very well that black never goes out of the fashion. And the best part is black is extremely versatile and goes very well with a range of outfits. So by investing in just one black blazer, you can pull off multiple stylish looks for many occasions. Now isn’t that cool.

blazers summer 2013 trends

If you think you can pull it off, you can also invest in a bright red blazer. Look below.

blazers summer 2013 trends

5. The Blazer with the Scarf Look

This is for all you guys who want to look dapper this summer. Pair a light blue blazer with a striped T-shirt and complete the look by causally knotting a scarf around your neck. I know this is summer and you don’t need a scarf. Hence I said ‘knot’ the scarf and not ‘wrap’ the scarf.

blazers summer 2013 trends

The light blue is reminiscent of summer skies. Prop up this look with the right conversation and catch all the ladies falling for you right, left and center.

Cheer up dear friends. These are the last few days of winter. Summer is just around the corner.  Soon it will be time for sun, fun and fashionable blazers. So which look are you going to adopt?