summer 2013 T-shirt trends

Don’t be a Plain Jane! Be Versatile and Fashionable with these 5 Ways to Make T-shirts Look Stylish for Summer 2013

T-shirts are undoubtedly one of the most comfortable outfits to wear. And nothing epitomizes the casual look more perfectly than T-shirts. But casual need not be dowdy. T-shirts can be extremely stylish and chic if you pair them up appropriately and follow the latest trends of the season.

So what are the most stylish ways to wear the T-shirt in summer 2013? Read on to find out.

How to Make T-shirts look stylish in Summer 2013

1. Give Out a Message on Your T-shirt

Spring summer 2013 runways were full of T-shirts inscribed with special messages. Once upon a time, printed tees were considered ‘cheap’. Those days are clearly past with major designers like Acne, 3.1Phillip Lim and Ashish making ‘word statements’ with their T-shirts.

summer 2013 T-shirt trends

Particularly check out the 3.1 Phillip Lim piece. A twist on the touristy ‘I love (heart) New York’ T-shirts, this creative ‘Nueva York’ design complete with the inverted heart makes for a classy sophisticated look. Don’t you agree?

2. Round Neck T-shirts with Formal Pants

Take a cue from Dolce and Gabbana’s T-shirt look showcased at the Milan Fashion Week 2013. Their designers came up with religious motifs on round neck T-shirts with distinct piping around the neck and a contrasting band at the end of the sleeves. The T-shirts were paired with formal pants and belts to produce a semi-formal look. Who said T-shirts can be only casual?

summer 2013 T-shirt trends

For variation, you can also opt for an identical look with floral motif T-shirts. Like this look below.

summer 2013 T-shirt trends

3.  Wear Your T-Shirts Bright and Bold in Summer 2013

Ditch the conservative casual look for T-shirts in summer 2013. Pair your T-shirts with quirky colorful accessories to brighten up your look and to look stylish. Some ideas that you can use include loosely hanging stringy stoles, bright jackets and/ or patchwork jackets. This look actually creates a sense of overcrowding that is currently in vogue.

Designers like Isabel Marant showcased this trend with a multi-colored knitted T-shirt that quite stole the show.

summer 2013 T-shirt trends

4. Pair Up Your T-shirts with Glamorous Outfits

Yes, glamour comes by association. Your T-shirt is no doubt casual apparel, but paring it with other sexy outfits in your wardrobe can create an overall stylish and sophisticated look.

DSqaured2 created a chic rock star look by combining the T-shirt with a sexy black mini-skirt and accessories to match. Acne went for grace and elegance with a sleeveless T-shirt and flowy long wide pant suit with belts. And sex appeal was prominent in the Marc Jacobs and 3.1 Phillip Lim looks that were oh-so-short and incorporated sheer respectively.

summer 2013 T-shirt trends

Which one of these looks would you try out?

5. Classic Striped T-shirt Look 2013

Some things just never go out of style. For all the fashionable T-shirt trends we discussed above wearing a basic striped T-shirts with your denims remains a classic style.

summer 2013 T-shirt trends

Do feel free to add your own elements to this style by accessorizing with vests and jackets or even a scarf carelessly thrown around your shoulders.

Isn’t it amazing how versatile and fashionable your ‘plain old’ T-shirts can be. Bet you never thought of that.